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Farmland Valuation Cards  - Assessment Year 2017

A parcel of land used for agricultural purposes for two years may be eligible for farm assessment. Farmland is assessed based on its agricultural economic value rather than being based on 33 1/3 percent of its market value, as is other property.


The mapping department assesses farmland in the county based upon use. We work closely with the assessors to verify land use so that we can properly assign land types to the soil types within a parcel. The Illinois department of Revenue provides guidelines
found in Publication 122.


Farm buildings are assessed at 33 1/3 percent of their contributory value of the farm. Township assessors assess farm home sites and residences at 33 1/3 percent of their market value.


State of Illinois instructions for farmland assessment are found on their publication PUB-122 using the following link:

Information on Preferential Assessments on Wooded Acreage is found using the following link:

Link to USDA Soil Survey of DeKalb County:


T42N R3E
T42N R4E
T42N R5E
South Grove-pdf1.44MB
T41N R3E
T41N R4E
T41N R5E
T40N R3E
T40N R4E
T40N R5E
T39N R3E
T39N R4E
Pierce pdf1.56MB
T39N R5E
T38N R3E
T38N R4E
Squaw Grove -pdf1.64MB
T38N R5E
Paw Paw-pdf1.62MB
T37N R3E
T37N R4E
T37N R5E
T37N R5E


Please click on the township name to view the farmland assessment cards for each township. Farm cards are organized in a .pdf file in parcel number order.

If you have any questions or to request a review of your farm parcel(s) please contact:

Chief County Assessment Office - Mapping Department
110 E Sycamore Street
Sycamore, IL 60178
815-895-7270 or 815-895-712