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Derek Hiland - Community Development Director

Phone: 815-895-7188  



East Branch of the South Branch Kishwaukee River Watershed Plan files in .pdf

Foreword (65kb)

Acknowledgments (71kb)

Table of Contents (108kb)

Chapter 1 - Introduction (268kb)

Chapter 2 - Goals & Objectives (140kb)

Chapter 3 - Part One (455kb)

Chapter 3 - Part Two (12.19mb)

Chapter 4 - Solutions Toolbox (6.23mb)

Chapter 5 - Prioritized Action Plan (642kb)

Chapter 6 - Plan Implementation and Evaluation (157kb)

Appendix A - Committee Minutes (105kb)

Appendix B - Stream Inventory Reports (8.83mb)


Illinois Environmental Protection Agency -- Watershed-based Plan Approval

Hey and Associates, Inc. -- Executive Summary (366kb)


319 Application .pdf

319 Supplemental Information .pdf

InKind Match Log .pdf

InKind Match Log .xls



More information can be found on their website: