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Ongoing Projects -- 2018

Town of Cortland
Cookie Aldis 815-756-3030 Maintains a listing and map of current developments.  
Project Name (Developer) Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Aldis Addition
(Mary Aldis)
Residential / Industrial 6 Dwellings 
39 acres of Ind. 
Annexed & Zoned
Amdur's Addition
(Amdur Associates LLC)
Residential /  Commercial 197 Dwellings
15 acres of Com. 
Anest's Addition
(Peter Anest)
Residential / Commercial 943 Dwellings
22 acres Com.
415 acres total
Bohne's Addition
(Robert Bohne, et al.)
Commercial 93 acres of Com. Annexed & Zoned
Chestnut Grove - Unit 1
(Montalbano Homes, Inc)
Residential 253 dwellings
155 acres total
Dollar General Commercial 1 store Completed
Hartmann's Addition
(TWJ Associates, LLC)
Residential / Commercial 357 Dwellings 
22 acres of Com.
141 acres total
Richland Trails Residential /
209 Dwellings /
80 acres total
Olsen Addition
(TWJ Associates, LLC)
Residential / Commercial 305 Dwellings
8 acres of Com.
Robinson Farm
(Dahiko, LLC)
Residential 291 Dwellings
40 acres total
Under Construction
(24% completed)
Schoenfield Addition
(Dahiko, LLC)
Residential 420 Dwellings
63 acres total
Schroeder's Addition
(Amdur Associates, LLC)
Residential / Commercial 262 Dwellings
8 acres of Com.
City of DeKalb
Doug Eaton, 815-748-2368 Maintains a PDF map of Planned and On-Going Development  projects (last updated in August)
Project Name Project Type Size / Capacity Status
400/444 Hillcrest Center Commercial TBC, Creative Theraputics Ready and Available
Airport North Industrial Park
(Parts Place, H. A. Phillips)
Industrial 4 Ind. lots  &
Ind. land Tracts
Ready and Available
Bridges and Gardens At Rivermist Residential 130 lots; 135 Condominiums Ready and Available
Chicago West Business Center
(Krusinski  Construction)
Industrial 343 Acres Proposed
CVS Pharmacy Commercial CVS Completed
DeKalb Commons
(Sho Deen Dev.)
Residential/ Commercial 200,000 Mixed Retail, 585 units MF Under Review
DeKalb Library Library 60,000 sq ft expansion In process
DeKalb Market Square Commercial Commercial spaces available Ready and Available
DeKalb/Taylor Municipal Airport Airport commercial lots & hangars available Ready and Available
Devonaire Farms Residential 125 available lots Sites Available
Downtown DeKalb
(public & private investment)
Mixed Use $15 million public & private investment Under Construction
Dunkin Donuts Commercial Dunkin Donuts Under Review
Egyptian Theater Commercial 1,400 seat renovation Under Review
Elliott Business Park Industrial 1 Industrial Lot
2 Commercial lots
Sites Available
Glidden Crossing
(Schnucks Grocery)
Commercial Retail space & outlots available Sites Available
Greenwood Acres Retirement Center Residential Assisted living retirement center Under Review
Hampton Inn & Suites + restaurant Commercial 80 rooms Under Review
(Shodeen Dev)
Residential/ Commercial 1300+ units, 450 acres; 6 acres Com. under review
NB&T Branch - W. Lincoln Commercial New bank & drive-thru Completed
NB&T Square
(Shodeen Dev.)
Commercial 7 acres Commercial, Mixed-use Sites Available
NIU - Gilbert Hall Educational Dormitory Expansion Under Construction
NIU - New Dormitory Educational 1,000 students Under Construction
NIU West Campus Expansion Educational Planned mixed uses, streets, & sewers Under Construction
Nortland Plaza Commercial Ross Dress Sites Available; Ross Dress - new addition
Oakland Place Commercial Target, Aldi, Radio Shack, Noodles, Dentist Ready and Available
Pappas Development -  Commercial Advanced Auto, AT&T Mobile, Optometrist Sites Available
Park 88 Business Park
(Target, 3M, Krusinski)
Commercial / Industrial lots available, 2.8 million sq ft. Ready and available
Ryerson Steel Warehouse Industrial 20 jobs available Completed
South Industrial Park
Industrial 50+ Acres Ready and available
South Point
(South Pointe Partners)
Residential 140 SF & 80 Twn, Golf Course community Sites Available
West Lincoln Hwy. Retail Commercial Aspen Leaf, Subway, Molly's Completed
DeKalb County
Paul Miller, 815-895-7188  
Project Name Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Kishwaukee Community College Education New student building Under Construction
R-Equipment Commercial Farm Equipment Dealer, 6.13 acres Completed
Donald Willrett Commercial Seed & equipement sales Approved
Hintzsche Fertilizer Commercial New Office & truck scale Under Construction
City of Genoa
Joe Misuelli, 815-784-2327, ext 223  
Project Name (Developer) Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Founder's Point - East Residential, Commercial, & Industrial ~53 SF lots
~4 acres Com.
~20 acres Ind.
Annexed & PUD approved
Founder's Point - West Residential ~88 SF large lot Concept Review
RiverBend Residential 496 total units /
~120 completed
Under Construction
Oak Creek Estates,
Unit 4 - Phase I
Residential 177 total units /
56 in this phase
Under Construction
Marshland Greens Residential /
17 acres Com. &
27 TH + 40 Condos
~ 80 total acres
Concept Review
Derby Estates, Phase I & II Residential 31 units Phase I /
37 units Phase II
Under Construction
Crossroads of Genoa
(Rick Hoffman)
Commercial / Industrial park ~104 acres Annexed & Rezoned
Prairie Ridge Pointe, lot 5
(Bank and Commercial Building)
Commercial 2 units, ~4,000  f2 Approved
Prairie Ridge Pointe, lot 6 Multi-tennet Commercial ~17,000 f2 building proposed Under Construction
Village of Hinckley
815-286-3836 Village treatment plant needs to be upgraded before any further development can occur.  To be constructed this year.
Project Name Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Village of Kingston
Anna Kurtzman 630-816-5420 Discussing possibly modifying Zoning Code to add a 'mixed-use' district.  Otherwise, no current projects at this time.  
Project Name (Developer) Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Village of Kirkland
Anna Kurtzman 630-816-5420
Project Name (Developer) Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Hickory Ridge Residential 120 homes Under Construction
Cha Chee's Commercial   Restaurant Opened
Blake Oil  Commercial Upgrade 3 lots Approved.
Village of Lee
Anna Kurtzman 630-816-5420 No current projects at this time.  
Project Name Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Village of Malta
815-825- 2330  
Project Name Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Prairie Spring Subdivison, Phase 1 Residential 100 units Dormant
Village of Maple Park
815-827-3309 Design of waste water plant, deep well, elevated tank, & water treatment planton hold, EPA permits received 
Project Name (Developer) Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Heritage Hills 3 Residential 132 SF  (58 acres) Under Construction
Heritage Hills 4 Residential & Commercial 152 Sf & 44 Dup
(85 acres)
+ 5 acres Com
Annexation Agreement Submitted & Prel. Plat Submitted
Heritage Hills 5 Industrial 14 acres Annexation Agreement Submitted & Prel. Plat Submitted
Polk Commercial 2 acres Inactive
John Clare LTD Residential & Commercial 383 SF & 80 Dup
(198 acres)
+ 15 acres Com
Annexation Agreement approved; Engineering Submitted; & Prel. Plat Submitted
Grand Pointe Homes Residential 422 SF, 216 Dup, 196 TH, & 196 CH  (500 acres) Concept Approved & Annexation agreement approved
Wiltse unknown ~127 Acres Annexation Agreement Submitted
The Maples Commercial Retail plaza Under Review
Towne Centre Commercial 9 Acres Annexation Agreement, Prel. Plat, & Plan Approved
City of Sandwich
Project Name (Developer) Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Casey's Commercial gas station / convience store Open
Deerpath Woods Residential 315 acres
390 MF, 412 SF
Approved; Construction to start next spring
Fairwind Subdivision Residential 277 lots total Completed
Fieldcrest Residential 34 lots total Under Construction
Valley West Community Hospitals
(Irgens Development Partners LLC)
Medical Office Building 38,000 f2   Under Construction
NB&T  Commercial Bank Open
Nottingham Meadows
(Pacific Homes)
Residential /
300 acres Proposed
Sandwich Commons
(WB Holdings)
Commercial 53-acres,
Strip Retail Centers
Under Construction
Sandwich Joint Adventure Residential 283 acres,
605 units, 296 TH, 309 SF
Waves of Fun Commercial 11-acre, 48,000 f2 indoor water park Dormant
Westfield Meadows Residential 25 lots total Under Construction
New Library Governmental   Approved
Village of Shabbona
Project Name Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Settler's Point
Residential / Commercial & Industrial 53 Res. lots under review (will have 153 total buildout) / 2 Com. tracks & 1 Ind. to be added later  1st phase (50 lots) approved.   Final Plat approved.
Resource Bank Commercial New Bank Under Construction
Village of Somonauk
Becky Morphey, 815-712-7476  
Project Name (Developer) Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Prairie View Residential 78 lots Under Construction
Subway Commercial restaurant Approved
City of Sycamore
Brian Gregory, 815-895-4853 Maintains a Residential Permit Timeline
Project Name (Developer) Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Krpan's Grandview Townhouses III Residential 40 MF remaining Under Construction
Heron Creek Residential 56 SF remaining Under Construction
Stonegate Townhouses Residential 64 MF Remaining Under Construction
Parkside Estates Residential 164 SF remaining Under Construction
The Willows Apartments Residential 64 MF remaining Under Construction
Reston Ponds Residential 220 SF remaining Under Construction
DeKalb County Courthouse Expansion Governmental Government Building Under Construction
Sycamore Creek Residential 381 Total Units /
370 SF remaining
Under Construction
North Grove Crossing Residential 102 SF &
44 MF remaining
Under Construction
Camden Crossing Residential 43 SF &
140 MF remaining
Under Construction
Sycamore Creek II (B&B) Residential 568 SF &
79 MF projected
Annexed & Zoned
Hickory Terrace (Sanderson) Residential 35 SF &
15 MF Remaining
Under Construction
Wynn Townhouses Residential 2 MF remaining Under Construction
Gracious Living Homes Residential 70 MF remaining Under Construction
Lindgren Residential 41 acres / 81 units Annexed & Zoned
Wolfenberger (Sycamore Creek III) Residential 283 acres / 457 units Annexed & Zoned
Mapes Residential 114 acres / 200 units Annexed & Zoned
Whitwell Residential 261 acres / 381 units Annexed & Zoned
Sycamore Crossings Commerical Regional Shopping Center Annexed & Zoned
Pappas Strip Centers Commerical Retail Strip  Under Construction
Prairie Professional Park Commerical Office Space Under Construction
Sycamore Prairie Business Park (SK Tools, Smart Motion) Industrial 40 Acres Remaining Completed
Thanks America Subdivision Industrial 80 Acres Planned
Villagio Estates Residential ~97 acres; Memory care center & Duplex lots Under Construction
Village of Waterman
815- 264-3652, M,T, T-S 9-12  
Project Name (Developer) Project Type Size / Capacity Status
Deerfield Crossing Residential   145 Acres Dormant
Green Ridge Subdivision, Phase I Residential /  Commercial 118 Units Dormant
Casey's Commercial Relocated Approved
Simply Irzstvl & Eclectic Gatherings Commercial Gift shop Open
1803 Inc. Industiral Soy Candles Open