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Subdivision Regulations & Zoning Ordinances

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Subdivision Regulations (click on links to download) estimated time varies

( 126 KB) Index (Description of each Article)

(250 KB) Article I - In General

(284 KB) Article II - Administration & Enforcement

(229 KB) Article III - Minimum Standards of Design

(235 KB) Article IV - Minimum Standards of Improvement

(227 KB) Article V - School Land Dedication

(228 KB) Article VI - Parks and Recreation Land Dedication

(223 KB) Article VII - Variations

(129 KB) Appendices - (Forms, Easements, ect....)


Zoning Ordinance (click on links to download) estimated time varies

Index (Description of each Article)
Article 1 - Short Title, Purpose and Legal Clause

Article 2 - Rules and Definitions

Article 3 - General Provisions

Article 4 - Schedule of District Regulations

Article 5 - Supplementary District Regulations


Article 6 - Off-Street Parking, Loading, and Landscape Requirements

Article 7 - Sign Regulations

Article 8 - Non-Conformities Uses

Article 9 - Special Procedures

Article 10 - Variations, Appeals, Amendments and Fees

Article 11 - Administration and Enforcement


Appendices -
Land Evaluation & Site Assessment System

Lot & Bulk Summary Table

Table of Estimated Ultimate Population Per Dwelling Unit
Illustrations -

Types of Lots

Yard & Lot Standards

Agricultural Existing Residential Lot Area Requirements