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DeKalb County
First-Time Home-Buyer Program

Assist 2011 Homebuyer Assistance - Program Outlinepdf


DeKalb County Contacts:
1. Illinois Community Credit Union, Sycamore, IL, phone #1-815-756-2504.
2. Inland Home Bank & Trust, Geneva, IL, phone #1-630-319-5805.
3. Blackhawk Bank, Belvidere, IL, phone #1-815-986-7108.
4. Alpine Bank, Rockford, IL, phone #1-815-231-2747.


David Rasch
Stern Brothers & Co.
220 West Huron Street
Suite 500 East
Chicago, Illinois 60654
phone 312- 664-5664
cell 312-961-2016
fax 312-664-5650


If you already have a lender and this lender is not affiliated with the program, please contact David Rasch to add them to the list.