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The County is divided into twelve (12) Districts based on population. Two members are elected from each District. All twenty-four (24) members are elected at the November General Election in the second year following a decennial census. Following the November Election, a reorganization meeting of the County Board is held. A lottery is conducted at that time to determine two (2) and (4) year terms in each District.


This allows one member to be elected from each District using a two-year rotation. (Beginning with the election in 2004, all terms are for four (4) years). On June 20, 2001 the County Board adopted new County Board Districts and based on the above procedures, became effective November 30, 2002.



Township Key ends as of 12/01/2018

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AF = Afton Township CL = Clinton Township CO = Cortland Township
DK = DeKalb Township FR = Franklin Township GE = Genoa Township
KI = Kingston Township MA = Malta Township MF = Mayfield Township
MI = Milan Township PP = Paw Paw PI = Pierce Township
SA = Sandwich Township SG = South Grove Township SH = Shabbona Township
SO = Somonauk Township SQ = Squaw Grove Township SY = Sycamore Township
VI = Victor Township    
District #1 Precincts FR01, FRO2, MA01, MA02, MF01, MI01, PP01, SG01, SH01, & SY03(0.5)
Kevin Bunge, Tracy Jones

District #2 Precincts GE01, GE02, GE03, GE04, KI01, KI02 & KI03
Maureen Little, Tim Hughes

District #3 Precincts CO05, CO10, CO11, SY02(part), SY09, SY11, SY12 & SY13
Tim Bagby, Mark Pietrowski, Jr.,

District #4 Precincts CO04, SY01, SY02(part), SY03(0.5), SY04, SY05, SY06, SY07, SY08 & SY10
Steve Faivre, Laurie Emmer

District #5 Precincts DK03, DK04, DK12, DK13, & DK14
Sandra Polanco, Stephen Reid

District #6 Precincts DK05, DK06(part), DK15, DK36 & DK37
Bob Brown, Craig Roman

District #7 Precincts DK01, DK02, DK08, DK10(part), DK16, DK18 & DK35
Marjorie Askins, Misty Haji-Sheikh

District #8 Precincts CO02, CO03, CO08, CO09, DK11, DK19, DK20 & DK21
Dianne E. Leifheit, Chris Porterfield

District #9 Precincts DK09, DK17, DK22, DK23, DK24, DK25, DK26, DK27 & DK28
Jim Luebke, Paul Stoddard

District #10 Precincts CO01(part), CO06, DK06(part), DK10(part), DK29, DK30, DK31, DK32, DK33, & DK34
Jeff Whelan, Suzanne Willis

District #11 Precincts AF01, CO01(part), CO07, CL01, CL02, PI01, SO02, SQ01, SQ02 & VI01
Dan Cribben, Roy Plote

District #12 Precincts SA01, SA02, SA03, SA04, SA05 & SO01
John Frieders, Jerald Osland