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Probation departments across the State have shifted from focusing primarily on monitoring and surveillance activities, to incorporating cognitive-behavioral intervention strategies designed to reduce risk factors associated with re-offending. 


The DeKalb County Adult Probation Officers have incorporated evidence-based principles into their daily job functions and are working with offenders to facilitate pro-social behavioral change. Evidence-based practices emphasize outcomes and include case management strategies proven by research to reduce recidivism. 


The principles of evidence-based practices are the foundations for effective case management and include:

  1. Assess risk factors – target resources for the higher risk offenders
  2. Identify criminogenic needs – target behaviors, attitudes, and belief systems for appropriate intervention
  3. Identify the offender’s responsiveness to different types of treatment – match them to programs and services that consider their individual needs, learning styles, and readiness for change and
  4. Engage on-going support in the community – actively recruit and use family members, spouses, and other supportive individuals in the offender’s surroundings to reinforce pro-social behavior, thereby enhancing public safety. 
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