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Margi Gilmour, Director

Legislative Center - Sycamore Campus

200 North Main Street, Sycamore, IL 60178
Hours: 8:30 am – 5 pm
Late Hours until 7 pm the 2nd Thursday of the month
Phone: 815- 895-7193 and 815-895-7199
FAX: 815-895-1642


DeKalb County Court Services is responsible for providing a variety of services to adult and juvenile offenders under the jurisdiction of the Court. The Court Services Department is comprised of the Juvenile and Adult Probation Units and the Community Restitution Services Program. The existence of Court Services is due to statutory requirements as found in the Illinois Revised Statutes, Chapter 730, Section 110, The Probation and Probation Officers Act. The Act includes provisions for a system of probation and its duties and responsibilities under the authority of the Chief Judge of the Twenty-Third Judicial Circuit. 


Court Services staff responds to the needs of the Court, the offenders, and the community by implementing evidence based practices in the course of their daily work. The Probation Officer’s role is to function as an agent of change – a case manager who orchestrates a variety of processes and interventions to ensure the offender is given what is needed at the right time to accomplish a positive behavior change. The Probation Officers assess and identify the offender’s criminogenic needs to reduce the risk of re-offending and to become more pro-socially orientated. Using social learning techniques, the Probation Officers use skills to help motivate the offenders, refer to the right programs, reinforce the learning that takes place, and provide accountability to the process. Court Services Officers work closely with the Judiciary, the local police departments, social service agencies, schools, the State’s Attorney’s Office, and the Public Defender’s Office. Court Services also reports to the Law and Justice Committee of the DeKalb County Board.