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Financial Information
Budget Calendar for Proposed Budget FY 2019
January 1, 2019 thru December 31, 2019



June 6, 2018

Finance Committee adopts budget calendar, budget process, and confirms directive to  present a balanced budget for FY 2019.

June 22, 2018

Budget request forms and instructions distributed to all departments. County Board members also receive a form to submit for areas that they feel should be specifically addressed and/or studied.


July 9, 2018


County Administrator and Finance Director begin to meet with County Board members individually, for those who so desire, to discuss the budgets for their Committees and any special areas of interest.

Aug 6, 2018

Budget request forms are due back to the Finance Office. Departments are expected to submit budgets in accordance with the direction provided. Narratives may be included which outline any concerns the Department has with the direction provided.

Sept 5, 2018


  1. Budget workbooks are electronically distributed to County Board members. This workbook will include copies of all documentation submitted by Departments.

  2. Finance Committee receives a recommendation on the entire budget from the County Administrator and Finance Director. The proposal will include recommendations for department staffing and line items which could be changed through an appeal process open to both Board members and Department Heads.

  3. Finance Committee sends the budget recommendation to the County Board to place it on file for public inspection.

Sept 19, 2018


  1. County Administrator and Finance Director hold a "Question & Answer Forum" for County Board members to further clarify the rationale behind the budget recommendations. This will be at 5:45 p.m. prior to the monthly County Board meeting.

  2. County Board places the budget recommendation on file for public

Sept 26, 2018

Last day for County Board members or Department Heads to file an appeal concerning Administrative budget recommendations. Appeals will then be reviewed by the appropriate Board Committee. If the Committee concurs with the appeal, it will then be forwarded to the Finance Committee for a decision in November.

Sep 27, 2018


Board Committees begin budget discussions. Focus will be primarily on areas which are appealed from the Administrative recommendation.

Oct 27, 2018

Publish first notice of public hearing on proposed Budget and Tax Levy.

Oct 31, 2018


Publish second notice of public hearing on proposed Budget and Tax Levy.


Nov 6, 2018


Board Committees complete reviews of any appeals which were filed concerning budgets for which they have oversight.

Nov 7, 2018


Finance Committee hosts public hearing on the proposed Budget and on the proposed Tax Levy. Any appeals successful at the Standing Committee level are decided at this meeting. Overall final budget adjustments are made at this time, and the entire budget is forwarded to the County Board for adoption.

Nov 21, 2018


County Board adopts the Annual Budget and the Tax Levy Ordinance prior to the start of the fiscal year on January 1, 2019