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DeKalb County Forest Preserve
P.A. Nehring Preserve

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Another preserve nestled in DeKalb's urban setting, this 28-acre preserve is about half floodplain forest. Large Oak, Maple, Basswood, Cottonwood and Elm persist but, just as in most of Northern Illinois, the Emerald Ash borers killed all but the smallest Ash trees (formerly the most frequent large tree at this preserve) during the last decade. Many of their bare, forlorn branches still reach for the sky above the other tall trees. Despite that, there is a nice bloom of spring ground flora here, and a good 600 yard stretch of the Kishwaukee River on the west boundary. Two open, mowed picnic areas, one with an open-air shelter, allow for a contemplative lunch, a relaxing walk or an after-work wind-down just a couple blocks from the hubbub of DeKalb and Sycamore commercial districts.


This 28-acre nature area offers: