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DeKalb County Forest Preserve
Wilkinson-Renwick Marsh

hiking  picnichandicapp accessible

DeKalb Forest Preserve District's only state-dedicated Natural Area is Wilkinson-Renwick Marsh. Cattail, Phragmites and Reed Canary Grass dominate the marsh, so why would this site earn the state's highest protection status? Geologic Structure. This is one of the very few undrained, unfilled, unfarmed prairie pothole marshes in the entire Grand Prairie Region. A chunk of glacier took a long time to melt, and left a hole in the ground. Later, two railroad lines crossed here; there was a station (only the foundation remains) and livestock pens for transferring animals from one line to another. There is an observation deck at the marsh, a quarter mile handicapped access trail to the deck, another 1/3 mile of trails and really great birdwatching. About 3 ½ acres of restored prairie grows in the former cattle pen site.


This 46-acre nature area offers: