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-August 31, 2015
Waste and Recycling Information:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I discard of used motor oil?
A: Any place that changes oil will take it. You can also take it to an Illinois EPA household hazardous waste collection site. Once a year the Health Department will sponsor a household hazardous waste collection event. All events will be advertised on social media and local media, please check for updates.

Q: Where can hazardous wastes be safely discarded?
A: The Illinois EPA operates regional sites to take household hazardous waste at no charge. There are two sites in this region-one in Naperville and one in Rockford- that have weekend hours. See the Illinois EPA website for directions and locations.

Q: What can I do with old latex paint?
A: If the paint is dry, the container can be discarded in your regular trash. If there is still liquid in the can, trash haulers are prohibited from taking it.  Add an absorbent to the liquid to dry it out or just leave the top off the can and place it in a well-ventilated area.  To speed up the drying process you can add items such as rags, newspaper or kitty litter.

Q: What can I do with old electronics?
A:  As of January 2012, a landfill ban on consumer electronics in Illinois was set. Watch local media for dates for E-Cycling Events.

Q: What can I do with CRT (tube) TV, Console TV or Projection Screen TV?
A: For a fee you can schedule a pickup with DC Trash by phone: 815-758-7274 or website:


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