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Solid Waste & Recycling

Solid Waste

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The program protects the environment and conserves our resources by encouraging recycling and reducing improper disposal of hazardous waste, and enforces applicable local and state laws pertaining to solid waste.

The program encourages recycling in DeKalb County by providing information and consultation to individuals, businesses, municipalities, schools, and media regarding recycling and waste reduction.

The program sponsors collection events for difficult-to-dispose of wastes such as electronics, household batteries, compact fluorescent lamps and used motor oil.

The program also, provides recycling education in county schools.

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Phone: 815-758- 6673
Fax: 815-748-2485

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Solid Waste Plans

2015 update only (pdf)
2014 Annual Report (pdf)
Needs Assessment '94 (pdf)
Solid Waste Plan '95 vol 2 (pdf)
Alternatives '95 vol 1 (pdf)
2010 update only (pdf)
2005 update only (pdf)
2000 update only (pdf)

Zero Waste Ad-Hoc Committee

Zero Waste Newsletter


Freedom of Information Action (FOIA) (pdf)

Laws and Regulations

DeKalb County Code  - Chapter 58- Solid Waste