DeKalb County Health Dept.

Make a Plan - Pets



  • Keep a collar, current license and up-to date ID tags on your pet at all times - consider having your pet micro-chipped
  • Make sure your pet is comfortable being in a crate, box, cage, or carrier for transport
  • Keep an updated list of trusted neighbors who could assist your animals in case of an emergency
  • Tighten and secure latches on birdcages - fasten down aquariums on low stands or tables


  • Remember that animals react differently under stress. Keep dogs securely leashed and transport cats in carriers or pillowcases.
  • If your pet is lost, contact the nearest animal shelter to report your pet missing


  • Locate all your animals and keep them with you. Be aware that shelters will only allow service animals. In a large-scale disaster, animal shelters will be set up when possible
  • If you must leave your pets behind:
    • Inform animal rescue workers of your pets’ status - on your front door or in a highly visible window write the number and types of pets in your residence.
    • Leave plenty of water in a large, open container that cannot be tipped over
    • Leave plenty of food in timed feeders to prevent your pet from overeating
    • Do not tie up your pet in your home