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Welcome to Together - For a Healthier DeKalb County!

Working together to prevent disease, promote wellness and improve health outcomes for all DeKalb County residents.

The purpose of Together - For a Healthier DeKalb County is to create a common understanding of community needs, gaps and priorities that will advance the well-being of the DeKalb County community. To achieve this, Together-for a Healthier DeKalb County will engage community stakeholders in a coordinated approach to ongoing community needs assessment, resulting in data-driven solutions to address county priorities, align resources, and improve population level outcomes.

We are using the National Association of County and City Health Officials/ (NACCHO) process, Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP), to guide Together - For a Healthier DeKalb County. This four part-assessment provides a comprehensive picture of health and wellbeing in DeKalb County. Learn more about the assessments here. (

What is the Local Public Health System? (pdf)
What are the 10 Essential Public Health Services? (pdf)
MAPP Assessment Flowchart

Four MAPP Assessments

  1. Community Themes and Strengths Assessment

The Community Themes and Strengths Assessment provides a deep understanding of the issues that residents feel are important by answering the questions: What is important to our community?", "How is quality of life perceived in our community?" and "What assets do we have that can be used to improve community health?"

  1. Local Public Health System Assessment

The Local Public Health System Assessment (LPHSA) answers the questions, "What are the components, activities, competencies, and capacities of our local public health system?" and "How are the Essential Services being provided to our community?"

  1. Community Health Status Assessment

The Community Health Status Assessment (CHSA) answers the questions, "How healthy are our residents?" and "What does the health status of our community look like?" The results of the CHSA provide the MAPP Committee with an understanding of the community's health status and ensure that the community's priorities include specific health status issues (e.g., high lung cancer rates or low immunization rates).

  1. Forces of Change Assessment

The Forces of Change Assessment is designed to help MAPP participants answer the following questions: "What is occurring or might occur that affects the health of our community or the local public health system?" and "What specific threats or opportunities are generated by these occurrences?"

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