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DeKalb County Highway Department
Bid Letting

2018 Current Bid Lettings


April 18, 2018

  • Section: 17-00022-01-BR – Somonauk Road-South of Hinckley
  • Section: 17-00264-00-BR – Somonauk Road Gurler Road
  • Section: 18-00000-06-GM – Gurler Road Aggregate Project

All bid results do not become official until approved by the County Board


Previous Bid Lettings 2018:

April 4, 2018

  • Shouldering Machine
  • Equipment Storage Building
  • DeKalb Township Overlay HMA Overlay Project

February 28, 2018

  • Snow Plow
  • Utility Tractor
  • Rejuvenator
  • Crack Filling
  • Cortland Township HMA Overlay
  • DeKalb Township HMA Overlay
  • Genoa Township HMA Overlay
  • Sandwich Township HMA Overlay
  • Squaw Grove HMA Overlay
  • Sycamore Township HMA Overlay
  • 16-00253-01-PK Library, County, & Locust HMA Overlay Proposal
  • Bridge Deck Sealer
  • Pavement Marking
  • Seal Coating
  • Somonuak Township Aggregate Shoulder Project

January 31, 2018

  • New Tandem Axle Truck Cab & Chassis
  • General County Letting
  • County Aggregate Letting
  • County Drainage Pipe Letting



Documents Arrow Prior to 2018 bid lettings are available from our Archives Page