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The following is a list of all roads under the jurisdiction of DeKalb County. A map of these roads is available for more information. These are the roads which DeKalb County is responsible for snow plowing, signing, constructing, maintaining and posting. Any questions relative to these roads, with the exception of law enforcement issues, can be addressed by the DeKalb County Highway Department at 815/756-9513.


Stone Quarry Road from Cherry Valley Road to Boone County Line 


Cherry Valley Road from Boone County Line to Genoa Road 


Kirkland Road from Boone County Line to Route 72 


Genoa Road from Boone County Line to Genoa City Limits 


North State Road from McHenry County Line to approximately 650 feet north of Second Street at Genoa 


Malta Road from Route 72 to Route 38 


Glidden Road from Cherry Valley Road to Dresser Road 


Plank Road from Route 23 to Kane County Line 


Esmond Road from Lindenwood Road to Old State Road 


Old State Road from Esmond Road to Route 64 


North First Street from Old State Road to Rich/Coltonville 


Rich Road from Glidden Road to North First Street 


Coltonville Road from North First Street to Stonehenge Drive 


Barber Greene Road from Route 23 to Somonauk Road


South First Street from Perry Road north to 1,142 feet north of Gurler Road


East County Line Road from Route 64 to Route 38


Somonauk Road from Route 38 to Route 34


Somonauk Road from Bethany Road to North Street in Cortland


Shabbona Road from South Malta Road to Chicago Road


Perry Road from Lee County Line to Kane County Line


Waterman Road from Perry Road to Duffy Road 


Lee Road from Lee County Line to Shabbona Road


Chicago Road from Lee County Line to Somonauk Road 


Rollo Road from Chicago Road to Suydam Road 


West County Line Road from Lee Road to Route 30 


Suydam Road from LaSalle County Line to 100 feet west of Gletty Road


Five Points Road from Cherry Valley Road to Route 72 


Lindenwood Road from Esmond Road to Ogle County Line 


Second Street in Malta from Route 38 to South Malta Road


Leland Road from Suydam Road to LaSalle County Line 


Peace Road from Pleasant Street to Route 23/Plank Road