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Road Name:

Somonauk/Gurler Road Box Culvert

   Road District:


   Location: At the intersection of Somonauk Rd and Gurler Rd, commonly referred to as Union Ditch # 1
   Anticipated Start Date: September 10, 2018
   Anticipated Completion Date: All major work to be completed by 4:00pm August 31, 2018 to allow for road opening;  Minor items are to be completed by 4:00pm, September 21, 2018
   Road Open to Traffic: Not Later Than September 28, 2018
   Contractor: Martin & Company Excavating, Oregon, Illinois
   Contract Value: $372,623.35


Removal and replacement of existing single barrel (5'-0" x 4'-0") box culvert and corrugated metal (40") pipe with one single barrel (12'-0" x 8'-0") and one single barrel (9'-0" x 8'-0") precast concrete box culvert and approach roadway work
   Traffic: Road to remain closed during construction. However, only one road is allowed to be closed at any one time and neither shall be closed for more than 12 days individually. Somonauk Road shall not be closed prior to August 20th nor shall it be closed during the Sandwich Fair, September 1-9, 2018.