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Highway Department
2018 Planned Construction Projects

""See Construction Map .pdf


County Bridge Projects:

Somonauk Road

Somonauk Road - Gurler Road


Hot Mix Projects:

Barber Greene Road

Coltonville-Rich-Bethany-N. First Street-County

Hinckley and Mt. Hunger Roads

Gurler Road 1 and Gurler Road 2

Oakview Lane

River Ridge Lane

Pritchard Road

Brickville Road, Twin Oaks Court, Twin Oaks Drive


Rejuvenator Projects:

City of Sycamore

DeKalb Road District

Somonuak Road

Village of Kirkland


Seal Coat Projects:

Leland Road

Somonauk Road Seal Coat Project
Perry Road Seal Coat Project

General Road District Seal Coat Project


2018 Crack Fill Projects:

DeKalb Road District

Somonauk Road District

Sycamore Road District

Village of Kirkland

Village of Somonuak



Read more about past construction projects on the archives page