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    Business Incubator Tenants

    Tenants pictured are Kate Wiegele, Samantha Brown, Chairman Mark Pietrowski, Omar Salguero, and Dan Kenney at our Ribbon Cutting ceremony on August 17, 2016.


  1. The Write Place, Ms. Kate Wiegele:   The Write Place will provide manuscript editing services online for authors.  The Write Place will also offer support for writers of all kinds in the DeKalb area in the form of workshops, short courses, and other writers' events.
  2. DeKalb County Community Gardens, Mr. Dan Kenney:  DeKalb County Community Gardens (DCCG) is an innovative approach to end hunger and food insecurity in DeKalb County, by providing access to fresh, local, sustainably-grown organic vegetables for all in need.
  3. Fox River Renderings, Ms. Samantha Brown:  Fox River Rendering: 3D Visualization Studio provides design and visualization services for architecture, products, and ideas.  With experience in 3D modeling and animation, video production, visual effects, and CAD design, Ms. Brown is able to offer solutions for a wide range of projects.
  4. Salguero Law Office:  Attorney Omar Salguero’s law office is focusing on the immigrant community by providing a full range of legal services.

Not pictured:

  1. Executive Authors, Ms. Carol Abrahamson:   Ms. Abrahamson helps executive authors generate game-changing business growth results from creating a book that showcases their expertise through applying her concepts, advice, insights, ideas, information and resources to their book and business in order to insure both are congruent with actively building strong momentum toward the same goals.
  2. Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services, Inc., Mr. Matthew Sprong:  Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services (CRS) provides rehabilitation expert services with a concentration on persons with chronic illness or disability.  Services includes development of a comprehensive Life Care Plan, case management, lost earning capacity assessment, job-seeking skills training; job placement and follow-along services, social security vocational evaluations, transferable skills analysis, comprehensive vocational evaluations, and standard vocational assessment.