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Chief Judge Robbin Stuckert
Circuit - Thomas Doherty, Ronald Matekaitis, Robbin Stuckert, and Bradley J. Waller. Associate - William Brady,  Marcy Buick and Philip Montgomery .

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23rd Judicial Circuit

Honorable Robbin Stuckert - Chief Circuit Judge

County Courthouse-Sycamore Campus

133 West State Street, Sycamore IL 60178

Hours: 8:30 am. – 4:30 pm

Phone: 815-895-7160   FAX: 815-895-7140


DeKalb County is a member of the 23rd Judicial Circuit, which consists of DeKalb and Kendall Counties. The Chief Judge's function is primarily that of an administrator. This circuit became effective December 3, 2012, leaving Kane sole county in the 16th Judicial Circuit.


The Presiding Circuit Judge carries out the policies established by the Judges and makes periodic assignments of both the Circuit and Associate Circuit Court Judges to various court calendars, both as to types of cases to be heard and to different court rooms. It is the Presiding Circuit Judge's overall task to direct the smooth and orderly flow of cases from their commencement at the time of filing in the court system through their successful and timely disposition. The Presiding Circuit Judge also directs the cooperative efforts of the court system and court related services which include the Adult and Juvenile Probation Departments, Family Division, Youth Home and the Jury Commission. In the effort to accomplish the above, the Judiciary cooperates with the offices of the Circuit Court Clerks, State's Attorneys, Public Defenders and the Sheriffs throughout the judicial circuit. Circuit Judges are nominated at primary elections and elected at general elections on a partisan basis to serve for six years. 


An elected Judge then stands for retention every six years. The Associate Judges of the Circuit Court are appointed by vote of the elected Judges of the Circuit Court to four-year terms and stand for retention at the end of such terms by vote of the elected Judges.


Kendall County also has their own list of Circuit and Associate Judges for the 23rd Judicial Circuit.