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DeKalb County Illinois Local Emergency Planning Committee
1826 Barber Greene Road, DeKalb IL 60115
FAX: 815-756-8705

DeKalb County IL LEPC

All meetings are scheduled to be held at the DeKalb County Highway Department, 1826 Barber Greene Road, DeKalb, Illinois 60115 in the conference room on the west end unless specified otherwise. We have four regular meetings at 6:30pm on the 3rd Monday of January, April, July and October of every year. All meetings are open to the public and the October meeting is designated specifically for receipt of public comments on the emergency plan. Sub-committee meetings, Special meetings and Ad Hoc meetings are scheduled on a need be basis.


January 19, 2015 / 6:30 pm

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January 19, 2015

DeKalb County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). DeKalb County Highway Department west end conference room, 1826 Barber Greene Road, DeKalb, IL. 60115. Phone number 815-756-9513, FAX 815-756-8705, ffb66@juno.com.

Regular Meeting Agenda, Monday, January 19, 2015, 6:30pm

Officers List - Chair Bruce Meerman, Vice Chair Robert Coulter, Secretary - Treasurer Cheryl Aldis

1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance/Officers Roll Call/Members Roll Call/Guest Roll Call

2. Approval of Agenda.

3. Public Wishing to Speak

4. Items for Approval

a. Minutes of October 20, 2014
b. Treasurers Report Checking $54.99

5. Unfinished Business, Items for Consideration and Possible Action

a. Chair's Report
     Tier 2 reports overview
b. Vice Chairs Report
c. Contractors Report - Frank Beierlotzer

HEMP Grant Reimbursement Status
Seminars/Training/CERP Transportation Exercise/Drill(s)

d. Subcommittee and other Reports
    Public Relations

6. Business, Items For Consideration and Possible Action

a. LEPC Appointments / Resignations / Removal of Inactive Members
b. Vote on Frank F. Beierlotzer, Contractor compensation for 2014-2015
    HMEP Grant year.
c. Vote on Frank F. Beierlotzer, Contractor compensation for 2015 DeKalb
     County Government year.

7. DC LEPC Members Round Table Discussion.


2015 / 6:30 pm

Monday, January 19, 2015
Monday, April 20, 2015
Monday, July 20, 2015
Monday, October 19, 2015

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