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Minutes of the E-911 Board
August 7, 2013
3:30 p.m.




Chairman King called the meeting to order at 3:30pm.


Vice Chairman Merritt, Hanson, Hicks, Leverton, Lowery, Mitchell, Thomas, and VanLanduyt


Fullerton and King


Lisa Miller, DeKalb Police Department; Pete Polerek, Sycamore Fire Department; Jeff Stowasser, Motorola


Christine Johnson, DeKalb County Treasurer; Glenna Johnson, E911 Coordinator


Vice Chairman Merritt asked for any amendments to the agenda.  The motion was made by Thomas and seconded by Mitchell to approve the agenda.  The motion passed.


A motion to approve the minutes of the June 05, 2013 meeting the motion was made by Hanson and seconded by Thomas. The motion passed.


Treasurer's Report

  • Monthly Treasurers Report- was presented and discussed.
    • A motion to approve the June monthly report was made by Lowery and seconded by Thomas. Motion passed.
    • A motion to approve the July monthly report was made by Lowery and seconded by Mitchell. Motion passed.
  • Bills Not Previously Submitted: None

Bills Paid in July 2013

Language Line Services, Inc.


Housing Authority of the County of DeKalb


First National Bank of Omaha


Sandwich Police Department


Glenna Johnson


Castle Bank


Frontier   AA0-2381


Frontier   AA0-3030


Frontier   900-9656


Frontier   899-8838


Frontier   AA2-3287


Frontier   QL4-9093


Frontier   QL0-4779


Frontier   QL4-7793


Frontier   QR0-4142


Frontier    UH1-6056




A motion to pay the July bills was made by Hanson and seconded by Mitchell.  A roll call vote was taken: Vice Chairman Merritt- Y, Hanson- Y, Hicks- Y, Leverton- Y, Lowery- Y, Mitchell- Y, Thomas-Y and VanLanduyt-Y.  Motion passed.


Bills Paid in August 2013

A Beep, LLC


Language Line Services, Inc.


Leland Fire Department


Starved Rock Communications, Inc.


Communications 2000 Inc.


Castle Bank


Glenna Johnson


Frontier    AA0-3030


Frontier    900-9656


Frontier    899-8838


Frontier    QL4-9093


Frontier    QL0-4779


Frontier    QL4-7793


Frontier    QR0-4142




A motion to pay the February bills was made by Thomas and seconded by VanLanduyt. A roll call vote was taken: Chairman Leoni- Y, Hanson- Y, King- Y, Lowery- Y, Merritt- Y, Mitchell-Y, Thomas- Y and VanLanduyt. Motion passed.



  • Fire Radio Reports Johnson reported for Feyerherm:
    • Microwave System- working fine no issues
    • Fiber- Slower install, DFO has released some of the sites. Equipment is in place but not connected
      • Genoa, Sycamore East working
      • UPS Power for fiber equipment- He stated needed another UPS for this equipment and Johnson stated the money was put in the 2013 budget for this equipment.
      • Somonauk Tower- He stated that a permit is needed before the installation can be completed
  • Leland Rural Fire Radio Antenna- Johnson reported for Feyerherm
    • Feyerherm stated equipment is installed. Need Somonauk Tower to bring the tower site live.
  • NG911/Mapping- Johnson Reported:
  • Mapping Projects is moving forward. Need to figure out the servers that the remote PSAPs will work off of and the equipment needed for the PSAPs need to be ordered.
  • NG911Project- Meeting are being held and the 10 systems that plan to share a NG911 system will be asking for the ETSBs approval of a Request for Qualifications for a consultant in a few weeks with expectation to release to vendors on April 1st, 2013.



  • Texting 911- Johnson stated
    • NENA Committees are still working on a document of a standard messages for bounce back messages when texting is not available for the carriers.
    • More carriers are showing interest in sending text messages to the PSAPs.
    • DeKalb County 911 asked if we would consider being a beta site by a company if that company wanted a beta site in our area. Johnson told them needed more detail before making a decision.
  • Legislation
    • Johnson stated that not much new with the legislation. They did file to extend the suset date to June 30th and it was signed by the Governor. They are thinking of adding wording to the Telecommunications act due July 1, 2013. The wording is still being fought by the Illinois Commerce Commission and the Illinois Telephone Association
    • INENA and IAPCO is scheduling another 911 Goes to Springfield for this year. More detail to follow.
  • Participating Agency Request- None
  • PSAP Administrators' Report - Johnson Stated:
    • Meeting held January 23rd. Discussion items were dated for the Training classes that the ETSB purchased for the IDPH continuing education.
    • Meetings will be held the same day as the ETSB starting in March.
  • Persons to be heard from the floor -
    • Carl Leoni has retired from his Lieutenant Position at the DeKalb Police Department and will be leaving the ETSB. His replacement will be Commander Jason Leverton. A letter will be sent to the DeKalb County Board requesting the change.
    • Hicks talked about a Emergency Notification System that the City of DeKalb has been looking at. Would be used for weather issues etc. Looking to get more agencies/communities to join the purchase to reduce the pricing. Other emergency notification systems are in the area already. NIU and the DeKalb School district already have a system like this one but from different vendors than Code Red.
  • Coordinators Report
    • VoIP Carriers- on going work on the database and surcharge collections to keep carriers current and to find new carriers that have not paid surcharges. A new carrier “Birch” remitted monies for 6 month of 2012.
  • NENA-
    • Attend Weekly webinar/conference calls on practice and procedures for NG911
    • Plan to attend Webinar on “Real world Cloud Solutions for 9-1-1”
    • FCC filing rulings on carriers- carriers are the only entity they are putting requirements on and not the 911 systems
    • Johnson will be leaving to attend the NENA NDC Conference next week
  • INENA- There was a Meeting January 10th, Next Meeting February 21;
  • ICC rewrite- No news
  • Wireless Carriers- nothing to report
  • Frontier- New contact person who replaced Larry Smith
  • Wireless Monies- still watching and the monthly funds fluctuate about $1000.00 per month up and down
  • NG911 Meeting for Region 3-
    • A meeting was held January 9 and the group is finalizing RFQ- Request for Qualifications for a Consultant
    • DeKalb could be one based on fiber hubs only. No date has been set for the next meeting.
  • DeKalb Address Change- There was a meeting held on January 4th about pockets of addressing issues in the City of DeKalb and the possibility of changing some addresses. Next Meeting scheduled for February 21, 2013 at 1pm
  • Sandwich Console Furniture- There was a meeting on Feb 1st to discuss the needs for the furniture and make a decision what was the next thing to do to go forward with the purchase.
  • Address issues- Have been working on a couple of address issues this past month



Mitchell moved to adjourn the meeting, and was seconded by Thomas. The motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 4:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,




- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -
Glenna Johnson, Coordinator



TERM (Two Year)


Mr. Bill King

April 01, 2013 - December 31, 2013


Mr. Todd Merritt

April 01, 2013 - December 31, 2013


Mr. Thomas

November 7, 2012 - December 31, 2013


Mrs. Christine Johnson

Per Statute, County Treasurer


Ms. Glenna Johnson

At-Will Employee, Board Appointed, Start date 02-11-08


Entity Represented



Todd Merritt

Member At Large
North Fire Departments
Retire Sheriff Deputy



Julia Fullerton

County Board Member



Gary Hanson

County Administrator



Gene Lowery

DeKalb Police Chief



Eric Hicks

DeKalb Fire Chief



Jason Leverton

DeKalb Police Commander



Darren Mitchell

N.I.U. Acting Police Chief



Bill King

Sandwich Police Chief



Don Thomas

Sycamore Police Chief



Jay VanLanduyt

 Member At Large
Hinckley Fire Chief
South Fire Departments



10 Board Members Serving 4 year Staggered Terms, Except the County Board Member is a 2 Year Term.