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Minutes of the E-911 Board
June 05, 2013
3:30 p.m.



Vice Chairman King called the meeting to order at 3:31pm.


Vice Chairman King, Hanson, Hicks, Leverton, Merritt, Thomas, VanLanduyt and Fullerton arrived at 3:45


Lowery, and Mitchell,


Lisa Winckler, DeKalb County Sheriff Department; Jim Feyerherm, Starved Rock Communications; Jeff Stowasser, Motorola


Christine Johnson, DeKalb County Treasurer; Glenna Johnson, E911 Coordinator


Vice Chairman King asked for any amendments to the agenda. The motion was made by Thomas and seconded by VanLanduyt to approve the agenda. The motion passed


A motion to approve the minutes of the March 6, 2013 meeting the motion was made by Hanson and seconded by Merritt. The motion passed.


Treasurer's Report

  • Monthly Treasurers Report- was presented and discussed.

    A motion to approve the March monthly report was made by Hanson and seconded by Merritt. Motion passed.

  • Bills Not Previously Submitted: None

Bills Paid in April 2013

  • Language Line Services, Inc. 97.79
    Starved Rock Communications $8,175.00
    Sikich $4,500.00
    SwissPhone $1,749.26
    Castle Bank $37.21
    Glenna Johnson $115.16
    Glenna Johnson $34.88
    DeKalb County Government $4,000.00
    PowerPhone $1,320.00
    PowerPhone $129.00
    Starved Rock Communications $7,250.00
    Starved Rock Communications $1,037.50
    Frontier AA0-2381 $81.04
    Frontier AA0-3030 $61.07
    Frontier 900-9656 $16,541.24
    Frontier 899-8838 $34.20
    Frontier AA2-3287 $61.07
    Frontier QL4-9093 $211.89
    Frontier QL0-4779 $230.57
    Frontier QL4-7793 $230.64
    Frontier QR0-4142 $305.47
    Frontier UH1-6056 $76.36

    Total $46,279.35

A motion to pay the February bills was made by Hanson and seconded by Hicks. A roll call vote was taken: Vice Chairman King- Y, Fullerton- Y, Hanson- Y, Hicks- Y, Lowery- Y, Merritt- Y, and Mitchell-Y. Motion passed.
2012 Budget Resolution:
A Motion was made to approve the resolution presented by Johnson by Lowery and seconded by Mitchell. Motion Passed,



  • Fire Radio Reports Feyerherm reported:
    • Keslinger Tower- Had to replace UPS.
    • Fiber- All sites are live except Somonauk and Leland. Will get list to disconnect lines tomorrow to Johnson.
  • NG911/Mapping- Johnson Reported:
    • Mapping Projects- is moving forward. DeKalb Police is to go live on the map during the week of 4/23/13 and County Sheriff will go live after that on the map.
    • NG911Project- More detail on the line item of NG911 Consultant RFQ listed below.




  • Radio Issues
    • Leland Rural Fire Radio Antenna- Feyerherm reported
      • Feyerherm stated Leland is impacted by the Somonauk decision.
      • He explained the 3 drawings that he handed out that explained the options with bypassing Somonauk. He explained the costs tied to each option
    • Somonauk Tower- King reported the results of the meeting with the Somonauk Village:
      • They discussed their concerns with the coverage of the Police radio coverage to portables and the safety of their officers
      • There will not be a charge to the ETSB to connect the fiber to the tower and to keep the equipment on top of the tower once approval is given to install.
      • Somonauk Village will not meet again until April 10, 2013.
      • Thomas mentioned the RFP study of the Sheriff Department Dispatch and how that could possibly change expenses to the police department in the future and that he would talk to the Police Chief in Somonauk about delaying the request for the fill in transmitter until this study is completed.
      • The ETSB requested that a letter be sent to the Village with the ETSB’s stance on the connection and the Village’s request.
        • A motion was made by Hicks that the ETSB recommend that on April 11th would move forward to splice the fiber in the Somonauk vault and with the other options and bypass Somonauk Water tower and it was seconded by VanLanduyt. Motion Passed.
    • Pager Allotments- uses
      • Leland Fire has requested that the Sigtronics headset System which would be an expansion to the mobile radios be included as an expense in the yearly allotment for pagers/radios for the fire departments. A motion was made by Thomas to include this in the allotments and seconded by Hanson. Motion Passed.
      • Thomas requested that allotments be discussed during future meetings to expand the offering to the Police Departments.

   NG911 Consultant RFQ-

  • Johnson stated that the RFQ had been changed to an RFP and the group was working on finalizing the wording for the RFP document and an additional document was being created and that is an agreement that would be signed by all systems on how the fees for the consultant would be paid for by each system.
  • No dates have been set for when it will be released.
  • Thomas requested that allotments be discussed during future meetings to expand the offering to the Police Departments.

   Texting 911- Johnson stated:

  • NENA Committees are still working on a documents and standards
  • Nothing new has been released.



  • Johnson explained that there were no changes with HB3073 as far as 911 but Poison Control in the Chicago area has requested that wording be added that some of the surcharge money would be paid to them. INENA and IAPCO are working on getting that wording dropped from the pending legislation.
  • Johnson will be going to 911 Goes to Springfield on April 17th and the message that will be carried is trying to get this bill moving.

Participating Agency Request -- None

PSAP Administrators' Report -- no report

Persons to be heard from the floor --


  Coordinators Report

  • VoIP Carriers- on going work on the database and surcharge collections
    • DNA Communications- reviewing payments received
  • NENA- Attend Weekly webinar/conference calls on practice and procedures for NG911
  • Budget line for Coordinators’ pay- Johnson stated that there is a possibility that this line item may be over because of federal payment changes made after 2013 budget was approved.
  • ICC rewrite- No news
  • Frontier- Meet with the sales rep this coming Friday. Will discuss what is needed for the move for the DeKalb Police Department move to the new building.
  • Wireless Monies- still watching and the monthly funds fluctuate about $1000.00 per month up and down
  • National TC Week- Johnson discussed the item purchased for this year and that there was a copy of the picture of the item in the ETSB packets. TC week starts April 14, 2013.
  • Letter from Open Door- Thank you for the money for the donation in Jeff Metzger’s name.
  • Management letter for Audit- G. Johnson working with C. Johnson to get the letter to the auditor since G. Johnson had not written the letter to be included in the audit for 2012.



Merritt moved to adjourn the meeting, and was seconded by Thomas. The motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 4:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,



- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -
Glenna Johnson, Coordinator



Chairman Mr. Bill King January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2013
Vice-Chairman Mr. Todd MerrittJanuary 1, 2012 - December 31, 2013
Secretary Mr. ThomasNovember 7, 2012 - December 31, 2013
Treasurer Ms. Christine Johnson Per Statute, County Treasurer
Coordinator Ms. Glenna Johnson At-Will Employee, Board Appointment, Start date 02-11-08

Members Entity Represented | ORIGINAL | APPOINTMENT | TERM EXPIRES
Todd Merritt | Member At Large/North Fire Dept. & Retire Sheriff Deputy| 12/01/10 | 12/31/2013
Julia Fullerton County Board Member | 01/01/2013 | 11/30/2014
Gary Hanson County Administrator | 01/19/2000 | 12/31/2013
Gene Lowery DeKalb Police Chief | 06/20/2012 | 12/31/2015
Eric Hicks DeKalb Fire Chief | 08/15/2012 | 12/31/2015
Jason Leverton DeKalb Police Commander | 03/20/2013 | 12/31/2013
Darren Mitchell N.I.U. Acting Police Chief | 09/17/08 | 12/31/2013
Bill King Sandwich Police Chief | 12/01/10 | 12/31/2015
Don Thomas Sycamore Police Chief | 01/18/2012 | 12/31/2015
Jay VanLanduyt Member At Large/ Hinckley Fire Dept. & S. Fire Dept.| 12/01/09 | 12/30/2013

10 Board Members Serving 4 year Staggered Terms, Except the County Board Member is a 2 Year Term.