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Minutes of the E-911 Board
October 2, 2013
3:30 p.m.



Chairman King called the meeting to order at 3:32pm.


Hanson, Hicks, King, Leverton, Merritt, and VanLanduyt. Lowery arrived at 3:35pm


Fullerton, Mitchell, and Thomas


Lisa Winckler, DeKalb County Sheriff Department; Chief Jim Bianchi, Sandwich Police Department; Wendy Flowers, Sandwich Police Department


King introduced the new Sandwich Police Chief, Jim Bianci and Wendy Flowers, Sandwich Police Department.


Christine Johnson, DeKalb County Treasurer; Glenna Johnson, E911 Coordinator


Chairman King asked for any amendments to the agenda. The motion was made by Hanson and seconded by Merritt to approve the agenda. The motion passed.


A motion to approve the minutes of the September 4, 2013 meeting the motion was made by Hicks and seconded by VanLanduyt. The motion passed.

  • Treasurer's Report
  • Monthly Treasurers Report- was presented and discussed.
    • A motion to approve the September monthly report was made by VanLanduyt and seconded by Hicks. Motion passed.
  • Bills Not Previously Submitted: A bill from DATA for the amount of $6,905.48 was added to the bill list to be approved


Bills Paid in October 2013

Language Line Services, Inc.


Goerlitz Radio-Shabbona FD




Starved Rock Communications, Inc.


Glenna Johnson


Powerphone, Inc.


Castle Bank


DeKalb County Finance


Frontier    AA0-3030


Frontier    900-9656


Frontier    899-8838


Frontier    QL4-9093


Frontier    QL0-4779


Frontier    QL4-7793


Frontier    QR0-4142




A motion to pay the October bills was made by Lowery and seconded by Hanson. A roll call vote was taken: Chairman King- Y, Hanson- Y, Hicks- Y, Leverton- Y, Lowery- Y, Merritt- Y, and VanLanduyt-Y. Motion passed.


Fire Radio Reports --Johnson reported that the South MABAS site is fixed. There were additional issues after Feyerherm had reported last month that the site had been repaired. Winckler also reported that she had notified Feyerherm that day that there was an issue at the Somonauk site.


Mapping Software- G. Johnson Reported:
County PSAP has requested a training date in November to start the implementation process of the new map software. NIU and Sandwich will be added to the maps as soon as County has gone live and had a chance to work out the bugs of the new system. Probably will not go live until after the first of the year.



Budget Committee-There was a discussion and the names submitted for the entities are as follows- Hanson, King, Thomas and Leverton. C. Johnson and G. Johnson will also be on that committee.


Member Reappointments due for approval for 2014- G. Johnson reported:
There are 5 members that their terms expire December 31, 2013. The new terms would be from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2017. Those members are Hanson, Merritt, VanLanduyt, Leverton, and Mitchell. G. Johnson will send letters to the entities that they represent requesting a letter for reinstatement or replacement to the County Board Chairman by November 8, 2013.

DeKalb Police Department Move Update
- Frame Relay Circuit
G. Johnson stated that with the DeKalb Police Department moving to the new CAD Map that they have not used the microDATA map since April and with the move she is suggesting disconnecting the frame relay circuit and not move it to the new location. After discussion everyone agreed that the circuit should be disconnected. G. Johnson will place a disconnection order after the Police Department move is completed.


NG911 Consultant RFP and Intergovernmental Agreement Discussion-
Johnson stated that the RFP had been distributed to all of the ETSB Members and Johnson was asking for any questions or additions to the document. The document had also been sent to the DeKalb County States Attorney. Hanson stated that he would prefer to wait to approve the document until all systems and attorneys had provided feedback on the document. The November ETSB Meeting is when it will be discussed again.


Texting 911- Nothing new to report


Johnson stated no news on legislation or the Governor's advisory committee appointments.


Participating Agency Request- None


PSAP Administrators' Report -- Next Meeting will be October 8, 2013.


Persons to be heard from the floor -- None


Coordinators Report


VoIP Carriers
Arrears accounts- Johnson stated she has contacted some of the VoIP Carriers that are in arrears but will be contacting the balance of them during the next month. There always are some that are late paying because they pay quarterly or every 6 months but there were more this month.


State Training Committee Report-
Johnson stated that at the September INENA Meeting there was a committee report provided to the INENA and IAPCO Executive Boards on dispatcher training standards. She reported basic information of how the data was arrived at and that there are still 3 sections to be completed. Hanson asked could the employee that is being hired have this completed before hiring them. That was an item discussed during the INENA/IAPCO Meeting. One statement that the two boards made is that the final document not be presented for legislation until the surcharge issues are addressed.


INENA and IPSTA Conference-
The conference is during the week of October 20th until October 23rd. Johnson stated that the date in the email for the class on ETSB Roles and Responsibilities had an incorrect date and that the date was on Monday of the conference not Tuesday. Johnson also stated she would be attending the Frontier User Group.

Sandwich Fair- Johnson stated that she worked at the Sandwich Fair to work with the children on dialing 911. There were not as many children this year that were interested in testing their skills.


Chrysler "Uconnect" product- Johnson stated that they had just received notice of a new product that was being rolled out that would give the driver of a vehicle the ability to contact to a PSAP via this service. NENA and APCO are trying to get more details on this product.



Lowery moved to adjourn the meeting, and was seconded by Hicks. The motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 4:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,




- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -
Glenna Johnson, Coordinator



    TERM (Two Year)


    Mr. Bill King

    April 01, 2013 - December 31, 2013


    Mr. Todd Merritt

    April 01, 2013 - December 31, 2013


    Mr. Thomas

    November 7, 2012 - December 31, 2013


    Mrs. Christine Johnson

    Per Statute, County Treasurer


    Ms. Glenna Johnson

    At-Will Employee, Board Appointed, Start date 02-11-08


    Entity Represented



    Todd Merritt

    Member At Large
    North Fire Departments
    Retire Sheriff Deputy



    Julia Fullerton

    County Board Member



    Gary Hanson

    County Administrator



    Gene Lowery

    DeKalb Police Chief



    Eric Hicks

    DeKalb Fire Chief



    Jason Leverton

    DeKalb Police Commander



    Darren Mitchell

    N.I.U. Acting Police Chief



    Bill King

    Sandwich Police Chief



    Don Thomas

    Sycamore Police Chief



    Jay VanLanduyt

     Member At Large
    Hinckley Fire Chief
    South Fire Departments



10 Board Members Serving 4 year Staggered Terms, Except the County Board Member is a 2 Year Term.