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Economic Development Committee - Minutes
March 13, 2013
7 p.m.





The DeKalb County Economic Development Committee met on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 @ 7:00p.m., in the Legislative Center’s Freedom Room. Chairman of the Board Jeff Metzger called the meeting to order. Members present were Russ Deverell, Mark Pietrowski, Stephen Reid and Jeff Whelan. Vice-Chairman Bob Brown was absent. Others present were Sara Lief and Robin Brunschon, Riley Oncken and Anthony Cvek.

Moved by Mr. Pietrowski, seconded by Mr. Whelan, and it was carried unanimously to approve the minutes from February 2013.

Moved by Mr. Reid, seconded by Mr. Deverell, and it was carried unanimously to approve the agenda.

Ms. Brunschon said that she has been employed with the county for almost two years now. They just received back from the Department of Revenue a 1 equalization factor for both the tentative and the final, she said. They are ahead of schedule by about a month now. They got ahead of all the bigger counties to get their information in.


She was the Chairman of the Board of Review for McHenry County before she came here to DeKalb County. Some of her duties include that she reviews assessments made by the Township Assessors and makes changes when deemed necessary, applies various tax exemptions, and equalizes assessment within county by townships, to name a few.


Ms. Brunschon said that she has 7 employees that work in her office, 1 full-time Chief Deputy of Assessments, 1 full-time Administrative Clerk and 2 full-time Mappers. She also has 3 part-time Administrative Clerks. She operates a budget of $485,000.00.


Some of the projects that her department has worked on are: 1.) They have completed the Duplicate HEL Report. As of today they have save the County approximately $11,400.00 in tax dollars and over $1 million in Taxable EAV.


With regards to foreclosed subdivisions she said that there are approximately 16 to 17 subdivisions that have gone belly up in the County. House Bill 2968 sponsored by Bob Pritchard, revives the expired Section 10-31 and extends it to 12-31-2015. She believes this bill should be supported.


Mr. Pietrowski asked what the breakdown is of where these subdivisions are located at in the County?


Ms. Brunschon said she believed there were 7 in Cortland, 1 in Sandwich, 3 in DeKalb, and about 2 or 3 in Sycamore. That is what she can remember for now.


Ms. Brunschon said that the percentage of the total EAV according to the 2012 Final Abstract is: Residential: 67%, Farm: 11%, Commercial: 17%, Industrial: 4%, and all others: 1%.

The committee asked Ms. Brunschon if she could come up with a graph or something that shows the percentage of total residential EAV’s.

She said that yes, she could come up with something for them.


Mr. Metzger said what might be helpful to the entire board, and piggy back this request, is if you could give us the information, the details on why the taxes are going to be changing then we won’t have to tell the constituents that contact us to call you. We would have some information that we could help them hopefully, understand it better. Mr. Metzger asked Ms. Brunschon to please send it along to Mary Supple so that she can forward it to the full board.

Moved by Mr. Whelan, seconded by Mr. Deverell, and it was carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Jeffery L. Metzger, Chairman of the Board



Mary C. Supple, Secretary