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Executive Committee Minutes
April 9, 2013
7 p.m.



The Executive Committee of the DeKalb County Board met on Wednesday, April 9, 2013 at 7:00p.m. at the Administration Building's Conference Room East. Chairman Jeffery Metzger called the meeting to order. Members present were Sally DeFauw, Julia Fauci, John Gudmunson, Stephen Reid, and Anita Turner. Mr. Stoddard and Ms. Fullerton were absent.


Others present were Gary Hanson, Jeff Whelan, John Emerson, Anthony Cvek, Ruth Anne Tobias, Mark Pietrowski, Riley Oncken, Tracy Jones, John Frieders, John Acardo and Derek Tyson.


It was moved by Ms. DeFauw, seconded by Mr. Gudmunson, and it was carried unanimously to invite Mr. Bob Brown to sit at the table to represent the Economic Development Committee since there is no chairman from that committee present.


It was moved by Mr. Reid, seconded by Ms. Turner, and it was carried unanimously to invite Mr. Tyson to sit in for Ms. Fullerton, Chairman of the Law and Justice Committee, who was not present.

It was moved by Ms. Fauci, seconded by Mr. Tyson, and it was carried unanimously to approve the minutes from the March 2013 meeting.

Chairman Metzger said that we would need to take item #5 off of the agenda since Mr. Stoddard was not present and that he was also pulling item #9 for executive session also off of the agenda for tonight.


It was moved by Mr. Fauci, seconded by Mr. Tyson, and it was carried unanimously to approve the agenda.

Ms. Fullerton arrived at 7:10p.m.

County Clerk and Recorder, John Acardo, approached the committee about an ordinance for Raffle Permits. He mentioned that at the end of March 2013, the City of DeKalb voted to abandon their licensure of raffles within their jurisdiction. He realized the need to maintain some level of licensure for raffles within the County, he presented to the committee an Intergovernmental Agreement to manage the raffle licenses of the City of DeKalb, per our current ordinance (Chapter 7 of the County Code).


This past year the County issued only 14 licenses; whereas the City of DeKalb issued 51. In 2011, the County issued 9; whereas the City of DeKalb issued 81. With the increase in applications if the agreement is adopted, it is proposed that the application fee be raised, as well, to conform with our surrounding counties. Additionally, this could realize a nominal increase in revenue for the County. He is asking for this ordinance and Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of DeKalb to be forwarded to the full board for approval.


He also mentioned that the State's Attorney's Office has reviewed the agreement and they said that they see no issues with it.

Ms. Tobias asked Mr. Acardo if another city or town could do the same thing.


Mr. Acardo said that yes they could and that they would need to agree to an Intergovernmental Agreement, also.

It was moved by Ms. Fullerton, seconded by Ms. Turner, and it was carried unanimously to move the proposed ordinance and resolution to the full board for approval.



1.) Regional Plan Commission: Village of Waterman: Ms. Linda Swenson, primary, Mr. Roger Bosworth, alternate, the Village of Maple Park: Mayor Kathy Curtis, primary, Ms. Elizabeth Peerboom, alternate, and, the City of DeKalb: Mr. Derek Hiland, primary, Mr. Rudy Espiritu, alternate, all reappointments for a term of 3 years until 03/31/16.

2.) DeKalb County Farmland Assessment Review Committee: Mr. Kent Wesson, reappointment for a term of 3 years, until April 30, 2016.
3.) Board of Review: Mr. Gerald Wahlstrom and Mr. Marlin Chaplin, both reappointments for a term of 2 years, until 04/30/2015.

4.) Economic Development Committee Chairman: Mr. Riley Oncken, appointment until 11/30/2014.


Moved by Ms. Turner, seconded by Ms. Fauci, and it was carried unanimously to forward these appointment recommendations to the full board for approval.

Appointments expiring for May 2013:
Building Board of Appeals – 2 positions


Chairman Metzger informed the committee that there would be a proclamation read at the county board meeting regarding National Tourism Week. He said that it would be included in the packet.


Chairman Metzger then referred the meeting over to the standing committee chairmen to discuss the various items that their individual committees would be sending forward to the full board on the County Board Agenda.


Mr. Gudmunson, Chairman of the Highway Committee, said that his committee was sending 9 items to the full board this month. He mentioned that in #R2013-27 the County's share is 20% of the total figure of $956,000.00.


Mr. Bob Brown, Vice-Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, said that in the newspaper today it was mentioned that the movie “At Any Price” that was filmed in our County will be shown in May at the GKC Theaters. He also mentioned that his committee is meeting tomorrow evening and that they will be hearing from Ms. Jennifer Johnson of the newly formed Arts Council and Mr. Paul Borek with the DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation who will be giving his quarterly report.


Ms. DeFauw, Chairman of the Health & Human Services Committee, said that they finished up with the Senior Services Tax Levy Hearings last evening and that they will bring their resolution to the full board in May for approval.


Ms. Fauci, Chairman of the Forest Preserve Committee, said that their meeting last month was held at the Somonauk Library and that she felt it went very well. They discussed a bike path being proposed from the library to Sannauk Forest Preserver.


Mr. Reid, Chairman of the Finance Committee, said that his committee did not meet in April, therefore, he had no report. He did mention, however, that the new Finance Director, Peter Stefan, will be starting with the County this coming Monday, April 15, 2013.


Ms. Turner, Chairman of the Planning & Zoning Committee, said that she was not present at their last meeting so Mr. Emerson would give the update. Mr. Emerson said that they discussed the Stonehouse item last month. He said that the owner was from Chicago and from the paperwork supplied to the committee and what was said that evening, it seemed that the owner had a good program going and that the neighbors seemed to be okay about it and the owner. He also mentioned that his committee discussed the status 0f the Evergreen Village project, which is in the State's hands now as they have put this issue on hold.


Ms. Fullerton, Chairman of the Law and Justice Committee, said that her committee heard from Ms. Kim Green with the G.E.D. Program at Kishwaukee College. She also mentioned that there will be a Jail Tour on the evening of the County Board meeting.

It was moved by Ms. Turner, seconded by Mr. Reid, and it was carried unanimously to approve the county board agenda and to forward it to the full county board for approval.


Mr. Gary Hanson, County Administrator, then gave his report to the committee. Some of the items that he reported on are mentioned below.

Mr. Hanson mentioned that the landfill issue is on hold now until the last week of May. He has seen a little bit of positive movement regarding the Enbridge issue. He met the new NIU President and liked the fact that he wants to have a dialog with local government and the community. He said that Mayor Mundy will be meeting with the County next week at a Public Hearing in the Sycamore City Hall to discuss the Peace Road issue. It will be held on April 18, 2013 @ 7:00p.m. Mr. Hanson also mentioned that he, Chairman Metzger and County Board Coordinator Mary Supple met with the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of Ogle County recently to discuss common issues that we share. Mr. Hanson said that the new Mental Health Director begins employment next week.


It was moved by Ms. Turner, seconded by Ms. DeFauw, and it was carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,


Chairman Jeffery L. Metzger

Mary C. Supple, Secretary

JLM: mcs