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Executive Committee Minutes
November 12, 2013
7 p.m.



Note: These minutes are not official until approved by the
Executive Committee at a subsequent meeting. Please refer to the meeting
minutes when these minutes are approved to obtain any changes to these minutes.




The Executive Committee of the DeKalb County Board met Tuesday, November 12, 2013, at 7 p.m. at the Administration Building's Conference Room East. Chairman Jeffery Metzger called the meeting to order. Members present were Mrs. Sally DeFauw, Ms. Julia Fauci, Mr. John Gudmunson, Mr. Stephen Reid, Mrs. Anita Turner and Mr. Jeff Whelan. Mrs. Julia Fullerton and Mr. Paul Stoddard were absent.

Others present were Mark Pietrowski, Riley Oncken, Anthony Cvek, Greg Millburg, Frank O'Barski, Misty Haji-Sheikh, Bob Brown, John Frieders and Ruth Anne Tobias.

Chairman Metzger asked for a motion to invite Mr. Bob Brown to the table to sit in for Mrs. Julia Fullerton to represent the Law & Justice Committee. It was moved by Mrs. DeFauw and seconded by Mr. Reid and it was moved unanimously by voice vote.


It was moved by Ms. Fauci, seconded by Mrs. Turner, and it was carried unanimously to approve the minutes from the October 8, 2013 meeting.


It was moved by Mr. Reid, seconded by Mr. Whelan, and it was carried unanimously to approve the agenda.


Chairman Metzger reminded everyone in attendance that Thursday, November 21, 2013 there will be an Open House of the DeKalb County Highway Department in recognition of the 100th Year Anniversary of the County Highway System. The event is from 12pm-3pm and will be held at the County Highway Department in DeKalb.

Mrs. Fullerton arrived at 7:15 p.m.


Tasha Stogsdill gave an update on the County Board Appointment Database that she has been working on and updating in the County Administration Office. She gave a briefing on the different phases of the project which first started with sifting through the entities to determine which were active and which were inactive at this time. After that phase it was determined that there are currently 52 active entities that the County Board is currently appointing persons to. Ms. Stogsdill continued that the next phase of the project was to go through all 52 entities and determine whether the information in the database was correct. She shared that while going through the entities she had found a lot of inconsistencies with term ending dates, open positions and even instances where members are serving on boards that they have not been properly appointed/reappointed to. After finding many of these issues, Ms. Stogsdill decided to wipe out the old data that was entered in the database and start over to ensure that all the information was accurate from point forward. She stated that she is currently looking up state statutes, board by-laws and resolutions that may indicate correct term dates for the entities as well as the correct number of positions each should have. Ms. Stogsdill announced that the goal of this project is to be able to publish three different types of reports on the County's Website that will be updated monthly after the Full County Board Meetings. She explained the first report would be a master entity list which would contain all 52 entities and display what type of entity they are as well as how many positions each possess and what is the length of term for each. The second report will be a detailed report on each entity that will show the people serving on that board, when each person's term started and will end, and which community they live in. The last report will show all the appointments that are coming due in the next 90 days, which will give the board and the public a chance to see what positions will be open within that time frame. She lastly explained that when the database is finished and all of the correct information is displayed it should really make the appointment process much easier for everyone. There will be a standardized letter that will go out to the head of the entities to let them know what positions are up for reappointment and tell them exactly what the dates are that need to be filled which will clear up any future confusion.

Mr. Pietrowski stated that the updates to the database and the end goal are exactly what he was looking for but he also suggested having an application available online for the public to be able to apply for positions that will be up for reappointment. Ms. Stogsdill agreed that was part of the plan and there will be additions to the project along the way but the main goal at the moment is to get the information correct and then get the reports online.

Another suggestion by Mr. Pietrowski and also reiterated by Mr. Cvek was to know which boards are paid and which are not paid and who deal with expenditures.

The Committee thanked Ms. Stogsdill for her assistance with the database program and everyone agreed that once the database is done it will be a great asset to the County Board and will really help with transparency.


Chairman Metzger announced there will be a Proclamation this month dedicated to the Open Door Rehabilitation Center recognizing their 50 years of commitment to individuals with disabilities in Sandwich and the surrounding areas in DeKalb County.

1. Board of Health - Karen Hagen reappointed for a term of 3 years from 1/01/2013 until 12/31/2015.
2. Emergency Telephone Systems Board (ETSB911) - Jason Leverton, Todd Merritt, Van Landuypt, (an additional
    name will be added before Board Meeting) and Gary Hanson all reappointments for a term of 3 years, until 12/31/2017.
3. Community Services Administrative Board - Carol Herrington appointed for a 3 year term from 09/01/2013
    to 12/31/2016, Dawn Littlefield reappointment for a term of 3 years from 12/01/2012 to 12/31/2015.


Moved by Mr. Whelan, seconded by Mrs. Turner and it was carried unanimously to forward these appointment recommendations to the full board for approval.


Mr. Gudmunson, Chairman of the Highway Committee, announced that the Highway Committee will be bringing forth two MFT Fund Resolutions to the full board for approval. One is for salary and equipment rental and the other will be for winter maintenance materials.

Mr. Whelan, Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, shared that they will be meeting tomorrow night and will being having the DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation Quarterly Report from Mr. Paul Borek and also a local food update from Mr. Dan Kenney. Last month they had a very informative presentation from the Mayor of DeKalb.

Mrs. DeFauw, Chairman of Health & Human Services Committee, shared that they had two really good reports this month. The first one was from Amanda Christensen from the Regional Office of Education and the other one was from Theresa Aubele from Feed 'Em Soup. Which Mrs. DeFauw continued to explain was a great organization that provides great resources to the community including a community kitchen that operates on a "donate-what-you-can" basis in a restaurant style atmosphere.

Ms. Fauci, Chairman of the Forest Preserve Committee, announced last meeting they voted to put the annual appropriation budget and levy on file for public viewing and the meeting this month they will be voting on those same items to bring to the full board for final approval. Ms. Fauci also shared they had a very successful Jeff's Trees event and Astronomy Night along with seed gathering and planting of trees.

Mr. Reid, Chairman of the Finance Committee, said the committee has had busy meetings due to the FY2014 Budget. Last meeting they went through the final budget appeals and budget reconciliation. There will be two Ordinances for the full board's approval on the FY2014 Budget and Levy as well as a Resolution to approve the elected official's salaries for FY2015-FY2018. He also shared that they voted for DeKalb County to have a self-funded insurance program.

Mrs. Turner, Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Committee, shared the committee discussed site permit fees but was determined there should be no increase. There was also discussion on the Hearing Officer reimbursement and it was decided due to absences at the meeting that the item would be tabled until the December meeting. She also shared a few updates that were discussed during committee on Evergreen Village. Lastly Mrs. Turner announced that November's Planning & Zoning Committee meeting as well as the one late in December would be canceled but is rescheduled for December 3rd at 7pm in the Conference Room East.

Mrs. Fullerton, Chairman of the Law & Justice Committee, announced that the majority of last meeting was dedicated to appeals but they are bring forward one Resolution for approval which is an intergovernmental agreement with Kane County for the provision of multi-systemic therapy service to juveniles and their families.

It was moved by Ms. Fauci, seconded by Mrs. DeFauw, and it was carried unanimously to approve the county board agenda and to forward it to the full county board for approval.


It was moved by Ms. Turner, seconded by Mr. Whelan, and it was carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting.


Respectfully submitted,




Chairman Jeffery L. Metzger



Tasha Stogsdill, Recording Secretary