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Minutes of the

January 22, 2013

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Paul Stoddard - President
Todd Latham - Vice-President
David Phillips, MD - Secretary
Tim Duez, DDS
Roger Faivre
Ronald Feldmann, MD
Karen Hagen, RN, MS
Regina Harris, JD
Christina Jones, RN, MS


Dennis Diemer, DVM
Andria Mitchell


Jane Lux, Public Health Administrator
Brenda Courtney, Director of Administrative Services
Cindy Graves, Director of Personal Health Services
Greg Maurice, Director of Environmental Health


Marcy Zanellato, Director of Health Education and Emergency Preparedness


The DeKalb County Board of Health meeting of January 22, 2013, was called to order at 7:30 pm by Paul Stoddard, President.


Mr. Stoddard welcomed new Board member Regina Harris, JD.



On a motion by Dr. Duez, seconded by Dr. Phillips, the Board of Health Minutes of the Meeting for November 27, 2012, were approved. Motion carried. 

On a motion by Roger Faivre, seconded by Dr. Feldmann, the Board of Health Executive Session Minutes of the Meeting for November 27, 2012, were approved. Motion carried. 

Division Reports

Public Health Administrator - Jane Lux

Mrs. Lux reported on the status of the Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs (IPLAN). The Community and Steering Committees have completed meetings. Mrs. Lux will complete work on the plan and present it in March for adoption by the Board of Health.

Mrs. Lux reported on salary and benefits changes for 2013. Salary for 2013remains level at 2012 rates pending good faith bargaining. Employees had two options for health insurance this year. Two employees enrolled in the new High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with Health Savings Account (HSA).  An open enrollment will be offered again in 2013, 2014 and 2015. The renewal rates for the traditional PPO plan were higher than the estimated twenty-two percent increase budgeted.

Mrs. Lux presented utilization data that demonstrates we successfully met our goal to increase our capacity to meet the needs of the community for immunizations. 

We were able to keep up with increased demand for flu vaccine that occurred due to higher than usual influenza illness activity in December.

We have increased our visibility in the community through our work with chronic disease prevention initiatives by our Health Education staff.

Environmental Health - Greg Maurice

Our second annual Holiday Light Recycling collection ended this week, and was once again very well received by the community. The public continues to have a high level of interest in electronics recycling.  We posted the 2013 municipal electronic recycling schedule on our website, and we also distributed a flyer in the MidWeek.

Mr. Maurice is working on an update to our County Ordinances for Food Establishment licensing fees, as these were last reviewed and revised in 1979. 

Personal Health Services – Cindy Graves

Mrs. Graves reported on the impact of increased demand for flu shots. In addition, the Communicable Disease (CD) Program is promoting international travel vaccine and consults.

Mr. Latham asked about the unannounced audit visit for a grant program. Mrs. Graves explained the focus was on looking at follow up of recommendations from the previous year.

In Family Case Management and WIC, outreach to target populations included attendance at the holiday Toys for Tots event.

Financial Data

Todd Latham, moved to approve the Financial Statements for November and December 2012, seconded by Roger Faivre. Motion carried.

Dr. Timothy Duez moved to approve the Claims for December 2012 and January 2013, seconded by Dr. Ronald Feldmann. Motion carried.


1.  Appointment of Standing Committees

The Executive Committee, in accordance with the nomination of officers, is:

Paul Stoddard – President
Todd Latham – Vice President
David Phillips – Secretary

Mr. Stoddard appointed Committee members as follows:

Dennis Diemer, DVM, Chair
Paul Stoddard
Tim Duez, DDS
David Phillips, MD

Paul Stoddard, Chair
Regina Harris, JD

Karen Hagen, RN, MS, Chair
Roger Faivre
Ronald Feldmann, MD

Todd Latham, Chair
Andrea Mitchell
Christina Jones, RN, MS

2.  County Vehicle Operation Policy

Mrs. Lux presented the policy that was adopted by County Board for prevention and risk management purposes. Health Department employees are included in liability protections by the County tort fund.  While we currently require driver’s license and insurance information, we do not have a vehicle operation policy.   

After discussion, Todd Latham moved to adopt the County Vehicle Operation Policy, seconded by Christina Jones. Motion carried.

3.  Transfer of Ownership Update

Mrs. Lux reported on a successful transfer of ownership of our Home Care Division. She thanked the Board of Health for their input and decisions with regard to the project. She met with the Home Care staff on November 28th after signing the asset purchase agreement. Mrs. Lux reviewed the closing process and the Accounts Receivable agreement moving forward. Mrs. Lux met with the bargaining unit on December 6th, 12th and 19th of 2012, for impact bargaining.

4.  Home Care Acting Director

In accordance with past precedence, Mrs. Lux requested approval of a ten percent salary adjustment for Ms. Carlson for assuming the Acting Director of Home Care position December 12th through 31st of 2012.

Karen Hagan moved to approve a ten percent salary adjustment for Ms. Carlson from December 12th through December 31st of 2012, for assumption of Acting Director, seconded by Dr. Ronald Feldmann. Motion carried.

5.  2013 Meeting Dates

Mrs. Lux gave 2013 Board of Health meeting dates, with changes to the fourth Tuesday in July and November. There was also a discussion of proposed Committee meeting dates and times. Mrs. Lux will follow up with email communication to confirm these.


At 8:31 pm, Dr. Timothy Duez moved, seconded by Todd Latham, to enter into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing Collective Bargaining Update under Subsection Number 2 of Section 2 (c) of the Open Meetings Act. Motion carried.

On a roll call vote, those voting yes were Paul Stoddard, Regina Harris, Todd Latham, Karen Hagan, Christina Jones, Roger Faivre, Dr. Duez, Dr. Diemer, and Dr. Feldmann.

Dr. David Phillips moved to reconvene to Open Session, seconded by Dr. Feldmann. Motion carried.

At 8:52 pm, Paul Stoddard stated that the Board of Health is now in Open Session.


As noted.


On a motion by Todd Latham, seconded by Dr. Timothy Duez, the Board of Health adjourned at 8:58 pm.  Motion carried.


David Phillips, MD, Secretary

DeKalb County Board of Health

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