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Minutes of the Law & Justice Committee
September 16, 2013
6:30 p.m.

PRINTABLE DOCUMENT w/attachments (.pdf)



Note: These minutes are not official until approved by the Law and Justice
Committee at a subsequent meeting. Please refer to the meeting minutes
when these minutes are approved to obtain any changes to these minutes.



The Law and Justice Committee of the DeKalb County Board met on Monday, September 16, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. in the DeKalb County Administration Building's Conference Room East.

Chairman Julia Fullerton called the meeting to order. Members present were Anthony Cvek, John Frieders, Riley Oncken, Ruth Anne Tobias and Anita Turner. Derek Tyson was absent. Others present were Margi Gilmour, Thomas McCulloch, Robert Carlson and Richard Schmack.

Moved by Mr. Cvek, seconded by Mr. Oncken and it was carried unanimously to approve the amended agenda.


Moved by Mr. Oncken, seconded by Mrs. Tobias and it was carried unanimously to approve the minutes from August 19, 2013.


Mr. McCulloch, DeKalb County Public Defender, shared with the committee the list of inmates that have been residents for more than a year along with stating that the jail report indicates the jail population is in the 130's which is a little bit higher than normal.

Mr. Cvek asked if the open and close case numbers are on par with what they are normally. Mr. McCulloch answered that they seem to be about the same although the arrest numbers seem to be up and the appointment numbers seem to be on the up. Mr. Cvek also asked if there was a correlation between school being back in session and arrest numbers going up. Mr. McCullock said that in general, an increase in population causes an increase in arrests, but everyone is doing their job and the cases are moving along.


Richard Schmack, DeKalb County State's Attorney, presented his periodic informational review to the committee which included staffing information, projects and initiatives and recent events that detailed some civil litigation that was discussed. Attached to these minutes is the full review.

Mr. Cvek asked if there would be any discussion about Mr. Schmack's FY2014 budget requests. Mr. Schmack answered that his exact wording for his request is also provided in the attached informational review under staffing. Chairman Fullerton announced that budget discussions would be taking place more in depth at next month's committee meeting.


Ms. Margi Gilmour, Director of the Adult and Juvenile Court Services Department, brought forth to the committee an intergovernmental agreement with Kane County and a draft resolution authorizing the intergovernmental for the provision of multi-systemic therapy to juveniles and their families. She explained that this dates back from a 2010 agreement that DeKalb County had with Kane but now has been updated. One Hope United has been awarded the RFP for a second time. Although costs have gone up a bit the essential treatments have remained the same, Ms. Gilmour explained. She continued that she felt this was a very effective program for their youth that need these kinds of intensive services for roughly four to six months.

Because the resolution was not on the agenda, the committee was unable to take action on the request but it was decided that the resolution authorizing the intergovernmental agreement would be put on next month's Law & Justice Committee agenda to be brought to the full board in November.

Mr. Frieders asked how much the contract went up since 2010. Ms. Gilmour answered that the contract went up about $10,000 and that it was a two year contract. Mr. Oncken asked even with the price going up was this program still worth the return on the investment. Ms. Gilmour replied that she definitely thought it was and with cost being a factor Kane County had put out the RFP knowing the contract was expiring and no one was able to provide these services under the amount that One Hope United has provided. Ms. Gilmour lastly explained that this program provides 24/7 therapists on a case by case basis and they follow through with attending the juvenile's court cases and provide help with the families. Even though the therapy sessions are initially for a four to six month period, the program runs until the individual's goals are met.

Ms. Gilmour also mentioned to the committee that it is possible that they will have another youth placed in residential placement by next month. Mr. Oncken asked how the budget looked for placement. Ms. Gilmour responded that right now everything looks okay but if there is another youth placed in residential placement on top of the one that they already have, next year looks like funds will be very tight.


Ms. Gilmour also shared that in the Adult Court Services area they instituted an Open Reporting Session for their low risk clients and the first open reporting was last Tuesday. These are for very low risk clients that do not need the resources of probation and that it has been done in other areas of the country and throughout the state. They found last week to have been very successful. It was explained, the clients report in to make sure they have no warrants and to ensure they are making their payments, this allows the probation officers to focus more on the moderate to higher risk clients who need the extra support and extra resources. Mr. Frieders asked what defines a low risk client. Ms. Gilmour explained that a very compressive risk assessment is done on the clients based on needs.

Lastly Ms. Gilmour shared that the 23rd Circuit will be hosting the Spring Conference for the Illinois Probation Court Services Association. It will be held at the Best Western in Sandwich and there will be raffles held with the proceeds going to the non-profit organization, Equine Dreams.


It was moved by Mrs. Turner, seconded by Mr. Cvek, and it was carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,




Chairman Julia Fullerton



Tasha Stogsdill, Recording Secretary