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Minutes of the Operating Board of Directors
Rehab & Nursing Center
May 8, 2013
7 a.m.

PRINTABLE DOCUMENT with Resolution (.pdf)


Present: Directors: Casellla, Whelan, Klein, Bannon
Absent Directors: Nielsen, Devereaux
Also Present: Hansen, Anderson, Buffenbarger


The meeting was called to order at 7:00am.


The agenda was approved by Whelan and Klein.


The March 2013 minutes were reviewed and approved.


Old Business: None


New Business:


Management Report:


Buffenbarger Discussed the census for the first quarter. The first quarter census showed a slight decrease in Medicare and Medicaid volume but an increase in private pay volume. The total census was consistent with seasonal norms and is close to the budgeted levels.


Buffenbarger described the impact of the SMART Act on Medicaid reimbursement. The new Medicaid reimbursement system was postponed to 2014 but MPA is working with LSN, Metro Counties, and CNHA to get the new system implemented retroactively to April 1, 2013 as it is good for DCRNC. Some providers with low Medicaid utilization will see a lower Medicaid rate when the new system takes effect, though DCRNC’s substantial Medicaid utilization will result in higher reimbursement. More information will come when available.


Buffenbarger reported that DCRNC recently underwent an annual survey by IDPH with great results. DCRNC had one deficiency in life safety and one in health. That is very good. Anderson described the deficiencies. Kudos to DCRNC staff.


The QA program continues to evolve as we concentrate our efforts around reducing hospitalizations. As our skills improve we should see a decrease in re-hospitalizations, which is good for our residents.


Next meeting is scheduled July 10, 2013 at 7:00am at DCRNC.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45am.


Respectfully submitted,



Andrew Buffenbarger
Recording Secretary