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DeKalb County VAC -- Minutes
August 12, 2013
7 p.m.



Meeting was on August 12, 2013 and started at 7:01 with Board President Rich Joslin presiding and leading us in the pledge of allegiance.


Board members Rich Joslin, Jim Cox, and John Davis were present

Employees Tammy Anderson, Steven Kreitzer, and Linda Drake were present

There were 18 members in attendance


Introductions of new members and guest:
Mike Iwanicki- Superintendent of McHenry County Veterans Assistance Commission -- President of IACVAC
Ed Dixon -- Superintendent of Kendall County Veterans Assistance Commission -- Treasurer of IACVAC
Bob Poggensee -- American Legion Genoa
Ray Gentilcore -- American Legion Genoa
Don Anderson- Veterans of Foreign Wars Genoa


Meeting Minutes:
Stefan Kristan made the motion that the minutes should be approved for both June and July's meetings together with the two attachments on June's minutes. This was seconded by Randy Smith. Steven Kreitzer and Rich Joslin made sure everyone knew what they were voting on and the motion passed unanimously.


Finance Report:
John Davis stated that there was no change and the balance was still $1,761.00
No motion needed as there was no change


Tammy Anderson, Superintendent, stated that there was a handout given to everyone explaining how their VA Healthcare would change with the new Obama Care. Told veterans to contact Linda Drake, Veteran Service Officer, if they had any questions.


Superintendents Report:
Tammy Anderson reported that last month the commission helped 36 veterans with food, 28 with shelter, 19 with utilities, and two veterans with schooling. There were 19 veterans transported in 14 trips to VA Hospitals. The Commission helped veterans collect $10,418.00 in monthly benefits and $53,555.00 in retroactive benefits. The monthly bills totaled $35,893.96 and Rich Joslin asked if there was a motion to pay the bills. Vick Ingram made the motion and Randy Smith seconded. There was no discussion and vote was taken and passed unanimously.


Tammy Anderson also reported that there was a balance of $421,743.46 in the restricted fund that goes to help replace things like vehicles or computers when needed. She stated that it only changes at the end of the year. Rich Joslin insisted that it be in the superintendent's report every month.


Stefan Kristan then brought up the copying service fund and the transportation money collected. He asked where all this money came from and if there were any receipts. Herb Holderman answered that there were charges for copying for veteran's organizations and rides given to veterans outside the county and there were no receipts. He also brought up asking why the national training hotels and flights were not on the county card and why they were on Linda Drake's personal credit card. Tammy Anderson then stated that the office had asked the county to raise the limit on the credit card. Linda had offered to use her personal card when the travel had to be booked.


Randy Smith then stated that some of the procedures that have been done in the past may not have been done or tracked correctly. He stated that maybe it was that no one knew how to do it at the time. Now that we have new eyes on how to look at things then we need to continue to address the issues going forward. He stated that he agreed with a lot of what Stefan Kristan was saying and that he had some of the same concerns but that we need to move forward.


Ed Dixon then stood up and stated that he didn't know of to many Veterans Assistance Commissions that don't have more than one fund and that those are not taxpayers money they are donations. Ed Dixon also stated that he does not keep receipts for these either. Frank Beierlotzer stated again that we need to move forward and correct the problems going from here on out. Stefan Kristan stated yes we need to move forward, but we need to have more oversight and involvement from all the veterans organizations.


Public Relations
Frank Beierlotzer gave accolades to Randy Smith for getting the flyers. Randy then stated that lf the flyers should be put up at your local mom and pop places to get more visibility. Frank Beierlotzer then brought up about the DeKalb County Veteran Benefit Run, Steven Kreitzer stated Run raised $631 for Save-A-Vet and hopefully they will be a new veteran organization in the area. On Wednesday, November 13, 2013 there will be a tailgating event at NIU and be able to go on the field during half time with your organizations flag.


Frank Beierlotzer brought up that he would suggest that we make a donation for Save-A-Vet organization at the next meeting once everyone has had a chance to research them.


Unfinished Business
1. Bills were voted on under the superintendent's report to be paid.
2. Doll House Progress – Herb Holderman stated that the doll houses should be done by the end of the month if everything goes according to the plan. Stated that the money raised will still go to the Fisher House. Suggested having Lollie's Dollies sell them for us.
3. Randy Smith asked when the annual meeting was and Tammy Anderson responded with the annual
meeting is in December and this is also when elections take place with nominations in November.
4. Mike Fogelsanger again brought up the credit card limit issue. Tammy Anderson reassured him that the limit
had been raised.
5. June meeting minutes were voted on and approved with the July meeting minutes.


New Business

Motion by Vick Ingram to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Randy Smith.No Discussion. Meeting closed at 8:45pm


Respectfully Submitted,


Steven Kreitzer