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DeKalb County VAC -- Minutes
June 10, 2013
7 p.m.



The meeting started at 7:00 with President Rich Joslin calling the meeting to order. There were 19 members in attendance. Frank Beierlotzer led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Officers in attendance were:

Rich Joslin, President
Jim Cox, Vice-President
Steve Walz, Secretary
John Davis, Treasurer


Everybody in the room then identified themselves and what organization they were representing. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and Don Jones made the motion to accept the minutes and this was seconded by Frank Beierlotzer. The minutes were approved. John Davis then gave the corporation treasurers report and there is $1761.00 in the account. There was a question raised on how much was spent on the doll house so far and the total is approximately $1252.00 dollars.


Tammy Anderson then gave the superintendents report. The commission helped veterans collect $13,218.00 in monthly pay and retro pay totaling $176,850.00 for the month of May 2013. We also helped 32 veterans with food, 22 with shelter and 19 with utilities. There were 21 trips made to various VA hospitals transporting 30 veterans. Randy Smith stated that the new format for the report is much easier to understand, but would like to see a few more changes.


Stefan Kristen questioned what everyone's job was and why we also sent Linda Drake to the NACVSO national class in Reno. It was explained that there are times when Linda Drake may be the only one in the office and that she needs to be aware of all the different facets of the organization to be able to continue to help veterans. Stefan Kristen then started asking about the different accounts in the commission. It was explained that there are two accounts, one for the commission and one for the corporation. Mike Fogelsanger asked whether the accounts were audited and by whom. He was assured that the commission's books are audited by the county finance department each month and by an independent firm acquired by the county. The corporation account has not been audited but there are little monies in that account and we receive a report every month. The corporation account is there for emergencies if a veteran has an immediate need for financial assistance. That has occurred one time and the veteran has paid the commission back. When the commission first started there was a "slush/petty cash" fund. This fund came about because we were driving veterans to VA hospitals when they had already been paid as if they were driving themselves. That money was used for miscellaneous office expenses and deposited back to the county general funds. Other Commissions had similar funds. There was a previous heated debate about this and the practice was stopped over a year ago. Everyone was assured that no financial aid has ever gone to a veteran who was not a citizen of DeKalb County, but we have helped veterans from outside of the county with their paper work.


Frank Beierlotzer gave the public relations report, and the DCVAC was featured in the Midweek for Memorial Day and that Steven Kreitzer was featured on the front page of the Chronicle. Frank is also trying to get a monthly spot on WLBK Radio. There are some small posters going up around the county, and Randy Smith will be talking to Barnaby's Printing to try to get largest posters made.


The commission's bills for the month totaled $30,591.69. Vic Ingram made the motion to pay the bills and this was seconded by Don Jones. The bills will be paid.


The question arose about the firing of one of the commission's members and why that happened. It was explained that he had content on his county computer that was deemed offensive. Stefan Kristen asked if he was given a written and verbal warning before he was fired. Tammy Anderson explained that he had signed two documents provided by the county for internet access/usage and email, stating that he could not have material considered offensive by community standards on the county computer, which is grounds for immediate dismissal. Larry Allen made the motion to adjourn at 8:58 and this was seconded by Randy Smith. We were adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,




Steve Walz, Secretary




***Attachment #1


Here are some direct quotes of Rich Joslin speaking before the membership at the June meeting:

"If we provide them transportation it is illegal for them to collect the money."

"They are not allowed to collect money."

"They cannot collect money that is supposed to go to them for driving."

"If I'm driving, we don't charge them. They're not supposed to get that money from the VA."

"If they collect the money illegally, we take it."

"I take the money from the person who illegally collected the money."

I would like the minutes to reflect the fact that the President of the Board stated that it was illegal for the veterans driven to VA facilities to accept travel reimbursements and that he took those payments from them.



***Attachment #2


The following attachment was requested to be included in the June 10, 2013 minutes:


Stefan Kristen asked for attachment #1 to be included in the minutes, I would like to have the following added as well:

A verbal altercation between Stefan Kristen & the VAC Board ensued when Stefan Kristen asked if we hated Marines. A unanimous reply of No was made by the VAC Board. More heated discussion ensued immediately following with additional comments made by everyone in disgust of such an allegation. These comments were made with an undertone that we are all Veterans.