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DeKalb County VAC -- Minutes
September 9, 2013
7 p.m.



Meeting was on September 9, 2013 and started at 7:02 with Board President Rich Joslin presiding and leading us in the pledge of allegiance.

Board members Rich Joslin, Jim Cox, Stephen Walz, and John Davis were present
Employees Tammy Anderson, Steven Kreitzer, and Linda Drake were present
There were 15 members in attendance

DeKalb Fire Fighters Union President spoke that they were selling t-shirts to get a disabled veteran a car that will be given away at the NIU football game just after Veterans Day. Anyone can go to the local fire departments in DeKalb and Sycamore to buy the shirts for $15 and $20 for XXXL. Everyone thanked them for the information.

Introductions of new members and guest:
Mike Boersma

Meeting Minutes:
Don Anderson stated that he was there on behalf of the Genoa VFW not the Genoa American Legion.

Victor Ingram made the motion to approve the minutes with the correction and seconded by Bob Bend.
A roll call vote was taken and the minutes were approved.

Finance Report:
John Davis stated that there was no change and the balance was still $1,761.00
No motion needed as there was no change


Superintendents Report:
Tammy Anderson reported that last month the commission helped 34 veterans with food, 25 with shelter, 18 with utilities, and two veterans with schooling. There were 38 veterans transported in 28 trips to VA Hospitals. The Commission helped veterans collect $2,623.00 in monthly benefits and $61,732.00 in retroactive benefits. The monthly bills totaled $39,834.26. Stefan Kristan asked the question of what went intu the other category under direct assistance. Tammy Anderson explained that it was two classes and the remaining balance of the Aldi certificates that were purchased. Rich stated that we should spell out what goes into that category on the superintendent's report in the future.

Stefan Kristan asked about the employee pay and Tammy Anderson stated that it was on the county website. Stefan Kristan then asked why under expenditures category training & meetings was negative. Tammy Anderson explained it was deposited in the wrong account, but that it will be explained in more depth at the county board meeting Wednesday.

Due to vehicle expenses being listed D. Mike Slavens who runs the Milex shop and a veteran in Sycamore stated that if we wanted to take our vehicles to him that he would just charge us for parts. Tammy Anderson stated that we had a lot of loyalty to Chucks Auto as they had helped us for years, but that she would talk to Chucks and see what deals they could give. Herb Holderman also stated that we have dealt with a Veteran at Chuck's since the purchase of the VAC vehicles.

Mike Boersma made the motion and Randy Smith seconded. There was no discussion and vote was taken and passed unanimously.

Public Relations
Frank Beierlotzer stated to keep handing out the flyers to promote the office. First event that he knew of was for the Vietnam traveling wall on display at West Aurora High School from November 7-11, 2013. There will be a ride on November 7, 2013 to go out to the wall. On November 9-10, 2013 there will be two motorcycle rides honoring our senior veterans at several retirement homes in DeKalb County.
Contact Frank Beierlotzer for more information email

Unfinished Business
1. Bills were voted on under the superintendent's report to be paid.
2. Doll House Progress- Herb Holderman brought in one of the Doll Houses. Herb also stated that Lollies Doll House stated that they would not sell them for us as they have some that won't sell already. Herb Holderman then went on to say we may decide to give one house to Fisher House and one to Save-A-Vet as there is a lot of support for Save-A-Vet right now. He also stated that
we need to decide whether to give them away or recoup our money. Much discussion was made on these two issues and it ended up being tabled by President Rich Joslin.

New Business
1. Election Nominations- Rich Joslin stated that we will be accepting Nominations at the October and November meetings and then elections will be at the December meeting.
2. Copy of DD214 needed on all delegates and Alternates- Tammy Anderson stated that all delegates and alternates need to provide a copy of their DD214. Much discussion issued and everyone was informed of the security of the office. It was decided that they could redact their Social Security number if they chose to do so. Along with the DD214 Jim Cox stated they need to complete the open meetings act training and then providing a copy of the certificate to the office.
3. Discuss November meeting- Rich Joslin led discussion on whether or not to have a meeting in November. It was agreed that we should have a meeting and John Davis made the motion to have it on November 18, 2013 and Mike Boersma seconded. No further discussion in sued and motion passed unanimously.


Good of the Commission
The question on whether or not the Genoa American Legion Riders could be an organization able to vote by D. Mike Slavens. He stated that they are Nationally Chartered individually. Steven Krietzer then explained that due to the fact that the American Legion Riders were required to have a sponsoring American Legion post that their vote is already cast through that American Legion post and therefore a subsidiary organization of the American Legion. After much more discussion Rich Joslin stated that they should come back with more evidence next time that they are a separate entity and further consideration will be given.

Stefan Kristan then brought up that he would like a complete list of all the veterans organizations and a contact person so that everyone could communicate. Rich Joslin then made a motion that an updated list will be available next meeting and updated every January with no personal email or cell phone. So contact information will be at the post more than likely. Rich Joslin made a motion and seconded by Stefan Kristan and motion passed unanimously.

It was also brought up by Stefan Kristan on the Slush Fund I Petty Cash Fund and made continued allegations that the funds were collected illegally. Stefan Kristan stated that he did not think that anyone took money from that account but that it was collected illegally. He stated he had a letter from Hines that he states proves his point. Rich Joslin and Tammy Anderson then explained that this was not the case. There was much heated discussion and Stefan Kristan was reminded again by Frank Beierlotzer that we all agreed to move past this in the previous meeting and voted on the minutes regarding this so why are we continuing to bring this up. Linda Drake stated that they send all the names that receive transportation to the VA Hospitals so that the veterans cant get travel pay if we take them up there.

Motion by Frank Beierlotzer to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Stephen Walz. No Discussion. Meeting
closed at 8:38pm

Respectfully Submitted


Steven Kreitzer