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Public Comment Opportunity

The public is invited to address the County Board during each monthly meeting of the DeKalb County Board. Members of the public will be allotted up to three minutes to address the Board on any topic of their choosing, except on issues that have been the subject of a properly noticed and legally held public hearing conducted by a Hearing Officer.


Each County Board agenda, near the start of the meeting, includes an item called "Persons to be Heard from the Floor". When that agenda item arises, a person wishing to speak should stand and wait for the Chairman to recognize them. Once recognized, the person will be asked to state their name and address for the record. The person can then go to the public podium and share their comments or, if the individual wishes to speak on a specific agenda item later in the meeting, they can ask the Chairman to allow them to speak when that agenda item is later introduced as a business item.


The County Board allows up to 30 minutes total for all public comments. If multiple people wish to speak on the same topic that is acceptable.



The above is paraphrased from the DeKalb County Code, Section 2-37.