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Visiting Hours: 9 am - 8 pm Daily

PHONE: 815-758-2477 FAX: 815-217-0451





The admission process can be overwhelming, and our staff is here to answer questions and ease worry. A thorough pre-admission assessment is completed utilizing information from the physician, resident, and family to ensure the resident is appropriately placed within our facility. Admissions are from several sources: hospitals, homes, or other health care facilities. The admission staff is user-friendly and available for questions related to future placement planning.


For questions and further information on Admissions, contact the Social Services Department at 815.217-0322.


Each resident must execute a Resident Contract prior to admission


Notice of Privacy Practices .pdf

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices .pdf


Private Pay & Insurance

DCRNC accepts residents who pay directly for their care or who supplement their financial obligation with a private insurance policy.



The Illinois Medicaid program may be available to individuals who require financial assistance. The local offices of Health & Family Services administers the Illinois Medicaid program. They are located at:


Illinois Department of Human Services

1629 Afton Road, Sycamore, IL 60178

PHONE: 815-895-8667

FAX- 815-895-8679


DCRNC’s Social Services Department is knowledgeable about the Medicaid eligibility procedures and can guide you through the process.


For more information check out: (follow menu for Medicaid)


Medicare Parts A & B

Medicare A covers acute care (e.g., hospital stays) and, if certain qualifying conditions are met, up to 100 days in a skilled facility. In long-term care, the Part A benefit usually means intensive rehabilitation service to speed recovery.

Medicare B usually covers outpatient visits (such as physician visits, diagnostic tests, therapy sessions). Part B benefits do not apply when a Medicare beneficiary is in a covered Part A stay.


For more information check out these resources: & (to download booklet)


Medicare D is Medicare's prescription drug coverage program. This program became effective January 1, 2006. Those eligible for Medicare are also eligible to participate in the Part D program. Participants may chose a plan, all of which are run by private companies. There are premiums and other participation requirements, but the intent of the program was cost savings to consumers for prescription drugs.


The facility utilizes Omnicare of Northern Illinois as its pharmacy provider. Omnicare honors most prescription drug plans approved by Medicare D. If a resident is enrolled in a plan that is not honored by Omnicare, Medicare D allows for a change to a plan that is. Our facility utilizes only one pharmacy so there is a uniform dispensing system in place. This provides the safest, most cost effective method of medication administration.


For more information check out these links: &



Billing Practices

DCRNC bills monthly for all services. We will bill for your Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance coverages.

For Medicaid residents, a portion of the Social Security check is designated for our use toward payment of your monthly charges. The remainder of the Social Security check is placed in our Resident Trust Fund and maintained for the resident.