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Specialized Services -- Rehab Services

Visiting Hours: 9 am - 8 pm Daily

PHONE: 815-758-2477 FAX: 815-217-0451




Rehab Services

We offer complete skilled therapy programs tailored to meet each resident’s needs. For short-term rehab, as is often the case with orthopedics, we provide an intensive therapy program as prescribed by your physician.


Our facilities are modern and spacious; they include an indoor and outdoor walking track as well as gymnasium space outfitted with equipment tailored just for seniors


Rehab services include physical therapy to improve mobility, occupational therapy to retrain for daily living, and speech therapy to maximize communication and swallowing potential. Each resident has an individual care plan that indicates the need for services.


We offer a step-down rehab program for those residents who have long-term needs. This program assists residents as they regain and/or maintain physical abilities through exercise. We provide this benefit to all residents.



staff and patient walking the halls patient patient walking with paralle bar assistant

patient riding a stationary bike patient with walker patient on upright stationary bike