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Regional Office of Education (ROE)
Services - Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teachers - must register EACH SCHOOL YEAR with the Regional Office of Education in order to substitute in DeKalb County. The list of available substitutes is good for the current school year only; new lists are distributed each school year. Initial substitute lists are sent to the districts on the first Friday of August before the beginning of the school year. 


To be on that initial list, you must call the Regional Office of Education before July 20th. 


If you call to re-register after July 20th, your name will be placed on subsequent lists that are sent to the districts after school starts.


Returning Substitute Teacher


New Substitute Teachers -- Prospective Substitute Teachers Must:

Register as a substitute teacher with the Regional Superintendent of Schools in each educational region where the individual will be employed.

  • Pay any required fees to register his/her certificate with ELIS ( for its period of validity.
  • Authorize and pay the costs of a fingerprint-based criminal history records check and checks of the Statewide Sex Offender Database and Statewide Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Database.
  • Provide evidence of physical fitness and freedom from communicable diseases, including tuberculosis.

Instructions for those who are:


Substitute Paraprofessionals (Teacher’s Aides) are hired by the individual districts. Please contact the district in which you wish to be a substitute paraprofessional.


Substitute Teaching Salary List for current school year  .pdf


Use the Authorization to Release Documents (.pdf)  form to authorize the release of documents to other (ROE) offices.