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"January Resolutions"(in their entirety) 2.11MBAcrobat Reader Icon


01/18/2017 passed

Resolution of Support to Benefit the Economy & the Citizens of Illinois through the Illinois Transportation Legislative Initiative.


01/18/2017 passed

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)


01/18/2017 passed

Selecting DeKalb County Convention & Visitors Bureau
as the County's Agency of Record for Tourism Promotions.


"February Resolutions" (in their entirety) 3.61MBAcrobat Reader Icon


02/15/2017 passed

Bid Award - New Tandem Cab & Chassis; New Utility Tractor; New
Crack Fill Machine.


02/15/2017 passed

Engineering Agreement for Willett, Hofmann & Associates
for Culvert Replacement at Union Ditch #1 (Somonauk/Gurler Roads).


02/15/2017 passed

Appropriation of Reconstruction of Waterman Road.

#R2017-07 - R2017-58

02/15/2017 passed

Delinquent Property Tax Sale Resolutions.


02/15/2017 passed

Abating the Entire Property Tax levy for the 2016 Tax Year
for the 2010 Courthouse Expansion and Jail Expansion Planning Bond Issue.


"March Resolutions" (in their entirety) 2.50MBAcrobat Reader Icon


03/15/2017 passed

Award for New Wheel Loader and New Snow Plow, Frame, Hydraulic System, Dump Body, Underbelly Scraper, Spreader and Pre-Wet Tank System.


03/15/2017 passed

2017 General County Letting.


03/15/2017 passed

2017 Rejuvenator Project.


03/15/2017 passed

Community Action Transition Plan.


03/15/2017 passed

2017 County Seal Coat Project.


03/15/2017 passed

2017 Crack Routing and Fill Project.


03/15/2017 passed

2017 Pavement Marking Project.


03/15/2017 passed

2017 Road District Aggregate Projects.


03/15/2017 passed

2017 Hot-Mix Resurfacing Projects.


03/15/2017 passed

Travel Regulations Policy.


03/15/2017 passed

Request to IDOT for Their Consent on County Engineer Reappointment.


03/15/2017 passed

Amending and Restating the DeKalb County Cafeteria Plan to Allow for the Inclusion of a Dental Insurance Benefit.


03/15/2017 passed

FY 2016 Year-End Budget Transfers.


"April Resolutions" (in their entirety) 2.50MBAcrobat Reader Icon


04/19/2017 passed

Approval of a Request to Rename a Platted Road known as Rae Drive to Louise Lane in Sycamore Road District.


04/19/2017 passed

Replacement of Somonauk Road Bridge 0.5 miles South of Chicago Road in Sandwich Road District.


04/19/2017 passed

Authorizing to Execute and File a Section 5311 Downstate Operating Assistance Grant Agreement.


04/19/2017 passed

Acceptance of the Special Warranty as a Condition to Receive Section 5311 Funds.


04/19/2017 passed

Authorizing the Execution and Submittal for Application for a Public Transportation Capital Assistance Grant.


04/19/2017 passed

Authorizing the Purchase of a Transit Bus. The DeKalb County Board hereby authorizes the purchase of a 30' Heavy Duty.


04/19/2017 passed

Award of the Senior Services Tax Levy Funding.


04/19/2017 passed

Resolution Certifying IMRF Participation for Qualified Elected Officials.


04/19/2017 passed

2017 Hot-Mix Resurfacing Projects.


"May Resolutions" (in their entirety) 2.24MBAcrobat Reader Icon


05/17/2017 passed

Waterman Road Reconstruction.


05/17/2017 passed

Reappointment of County Engineer.


05/17/2017 passed

Authorizing the Execution and Submittal for the Application for a Public Transportation Capital Assistance Grant.


05/17/2017 passed

Delinquent Property Sale Resolution.


05/17/2017 passed

Amendment to Community Host Agreement.


"June Resolutions" (in their entirety) 1.88MBAcrobat Reader Icon


06/21/2017 passed

Somonauk Road Resurface Project.


06/21/2017 passed

TARP Agreement for Somonauk Road.


06/21/2017 passed

Designating a Portion of Somonauk Road as a Class III Truck Route.


06/21/2017 passed

Award of Somonauk Road Resurface Project.


06/21/2017 passed

Engineering Agreement for Barber Green Road Bridge in Cortland Road District .5 Miles East of Airport Road.


06/21/2017 passed

Award to Rennion Equipment Company for one new Aerial Lift Truck.


06/21/2017 passed

Solid Waste Plan Amendment.


06/21/2017 passed

Election Judge Salaries.