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  • Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption
    • The Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption is an exemption available to all senior citizens, (65 years and older) that live in, and own or have a legal interest in, their home.  This exemption is worth $5,000 off the assessed value of the property.  You may file for this exemption anytime during the year you turn 65. This must be applied for, but no yearly renewals are necessary.  This exemption will be pro-rated from the date of occupancy.  Please contact the DeKalb County Assessors Office for more information at 815-895-7120.
  • Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze
    • The Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption allows qualified senior citizens to freeze the equalized assessed value of their property for tax purposes.  Property taxes will be calculated against the frozen value every year you qualify for the exemption.  The frozen value is established at the time of initial application.  To qualify, you must be 65 or older, have lived in, and owned your home for at least the two prior January firsts, and have a total household income of $55,000 or less.  This income includes all taxable Federal income, plus total Social Security (as shown on Form SSA-1099) earned the year prior to application by all individuals living in the household.  Senior citizens filing for their initial exemption will be required to bring in their earnings documentation for verification.  After the initial application is filed, an application will be mailed annually.  There is no repayment of saved dollars when the exemption expires.  The Supervisor of Assessments Office will be glad to help people fill out applications, notarize the application free of charge, and answer all questions.  Please contact the DeKalb County Assessors Office for more information at 815-895-7120.