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Tax Services

Redemptions - Redeeming past due taxes.

Annually, delinquent taxes are sold at the County's Tax Sale. These sales occur when property owners fail to pay their taxes by the deadlines. Tax buyers have an opportunity to 'pay for' the delinquent taxes and charge the owner interest. Explore this section to find out how to redeem past taxes through the County Clerk's Office.


Taxing Body Reports - Levy and Extension Information

Local units of government, annually file taxing reports with the County. These are budgets, levies, and other various documents relating to the extension of property taxes to each property in the County. Explore this section to review Tax District Reports.


Tax Sale Information - Annual Delinquent Property Taxes

To learn more about the Annual Tax Sale for delinquent property taxes in DeKalb County, please use the link below to access the Treasurer and Collector's Office who coordinates the annual sale.


GIS - Search our Online Land Records

The County maintains a GIS system which provides information on each parcel of property.


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