DeKalb County Health Dept.
4 For Flu Campaign

We Choose Health

"We Choose Health" is a statewide initiative to reduce chronic diseases, promote healthier lifestyles, reduce health disparities and control health care spending. The Illinois Department of Health received funding for this program from a Federal Community Transformation Grant Program. Locally, the DeKalb County Health Department was approved for funding for "We Choose Health" to support these initiatives with the goal of promoting healthy living through policy, system and environmental changes through community collaboration.

To accomplish this goal, the DeKalb County Health Department is addressing three initiatives. The first is Baby Friendly Hospitals and Health Departments that encourage community collaboration to promote breastfeeding. The second initiative is the Coordinated School Health Model consisting of eight health components that schools address to provide a comprehensive approach for improved health of students and staff. The third initiative concentrates on Smokefree DeKalb.  Smoke Free DeKalb centers on policy and environmental change for multi-unit housing as well as resources to assist individuals who need support to quit smoking.



Through various media and educational activities, the program works to promote good health, improve the level of health knowledge within the community, and inform residents of accurate and easy to use health resources and materials.

The program also coordinates the health department’s emergency activities.

Healthy Living Resources

Tips for a Safe & Healthy Lifestyle for the Entire Family 
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