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DeKalb County Landfill

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  -  Landfill MateriaLS (All .pdf format)

  1. Pollution Control Facility Siting Ordinance (Adopted 09/19/2007)
  2. Articles of Rules and Procedures (Adopted 09/19/2007) -- Pollution Control Facility Committee
  3. Host Fee Agreement dated 03/18/2009
  4. Articles of Rules and Procedures (Amended 08/19/2009) -- Pollution Control Facility Committee
  5. Minutes of the Pollution Control Facility Committee
    1. April 13, 2010
    2. April 27, 2010
  6. Resolution #R2010-31 - Siting approval for Waste Management of Illinois, Inc., for expansion of DeKalb County Landfill dated 05/10/2010
  7. Special County Board Meeting Minutes dated 05/10/10
  8. Deletion of Criteria #32 from #R2010-31 by Illinois Pollution Control Board dated 02/06/2014
  9. Host Fee Agreement Amendment dated 05/21/2014