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Regional Office of Education
Services - Health / Life Safety Inspection

Each of the 45 public school and school-related buildings in DeKalb County are inspected annually to assure compliance with the Health/Life Safety Code. As required by law, a record of the annual inspection is sent to the president of the school board and a summary is filed annually with the State Board of Education.


Every 10 years, each public building must be resurveyed for continued compliance by an architect or engineer licensed in the State of Illinois. The Safety Survey Report lists any items necessary to bring the building into full and continual compliance. Funding for life/safety work may be accessed by amendment with the approval of the local school board, the Regional Superintendent, and the State Superintendent of Schools. Upon completion and inspection by a licensed architect or engineer, the building is awarded a certificate of compliance. 


The Regional Office of Education, through the Regional Superintendent, issues all demolition permits, construction permits, permits for repairs over $20,000 and occupancy permits for public schools in DeKalb County. Records of all amendments and construction information are kept on file in the ROE.


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