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Frequently Asked Questions

All DeKalb County Government Campuses are now Smoke and Tobacco Free


All of our campuses are now "Smoke and Tobacco-Free"

Committee Smoking and Tobbaco Free Recommendations .pdf

"County Smoke and Tobacco Free Worksite Policy".pdf   (Adopted DeKalb County Resolution R2014-79)


Q: Why have a County smoke and tobacco-free worksite policy?

By creating a smoke-free environment we are establishing a healthier work environment for employees and the public we serve. DeKalb County serves as a role model for our community and with this policy we can aim to show our commitment to promote a safer and healthier lifestyle.

  • Smoke-free policies have been proven effective in reducing secondhand smoke exposure, and health risks due to tobacco use.
  • Smoke-free policies have a high rate of success in encouraging cessation for tobacco users.
  • Smoke-free policies reduce health care costs to the employee and employer and improve productivity.

Q: How does smoking on campus affect others?

  • The 2006 Surgeon General’s report indicated that there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke, including outdoor smoke.
  • Multiple studies have concluded that secondhand smoke contributes to serious diseases and illnesses such as: pneumonia, asthma, heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and bronchitis.

Q: What does the County smoke and tobacco-free worksite policy include?

DeKalb County is committed to a healthy and safe environment for all employees and visitors.

  • As of July 1st 2015, smoking and tobacco use is prohibited on County owned property including campuses and in County owned vehicles.
  • Prohibition includes using and/or carrying any kind of lighted smoking materials, electronic cigarettes or devices and any tobacco products.

Q: How will there be an awareness of a smoke and tobacco-free worksite policy?

  • Signage is located throughout campus locations referring to this policy.

Q: Does this policy mean that I can’t use smoke or use tobacco anymore?

  • This smoke and tobacco-free policy applies only to your time spent at work.

Q: What is not included in the smoke and tobacco-free worksite policy?

  • Tobacco use in privately owned vehicles.
  • Forest Preserve because it is a separate legal entity.

Q: What help is available for those who want to quit tobacco use?

  • There are a variety of resources available for cessation services. For more information visit the resources section on this webpage.
  • The Illinois Tobacco Quitline offers cessation counseling. Call (866) QUIT-YES (866-784-8937) or visit
  • KishHealth System offers Courage to Quit smoking cessation classes. An initial $25.00 deposit will be reimbursed after completion of the classes.
  • DeKalb County Health Department can arrange worksite classes for employees interested in cessation services.
    • Worksite classes arranged by the health department will be held before or after working hours and require a minimum of 5 participants.
    • Alternatively, employees can contact KishHealth System to register at one of their locations.
  • The Employee Assistance Program offers four to six individual sessions to assist you to quit smoking. For more information contact the Employee Assistance Program at: (815) 748- 8999
  • Freedom from Smoking is an online program that provides support for tobacco cessation:
  • BlueCross Blue Shield and other commercial health insurance companies cover a variety of smoking cessation products and services for covered individuals. For more information see the PDF or: Use this additional resource!
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy consists of a variety of products. Some of these are available for purchase at many over-the-counter pharmacies. Others can be prescribed by your health care provider.

Q: What should I say to someone who is smoking on campus?

  • Over the next year, the health department will provide further information and guidance on this matter.
If you have further questions please visit the questions section of this webpage. Visit our site again for further updates or communication on the smoke-free policy.