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State of Illinois
Toll-Free Telephone Numbers/Hot Lines


  Adoption Information 217-557-5159
  IL Dept. on Aging Seniors Help Line 800-252-8966
  Aids-Hiv-Std 800-243-2437
  Alzheimer's Disease Center 217-545-8249
  Amtrak 800-872-7245
  Arts Council 800-237-6994
  Attorney Generals Office - General Information
Consumer Protection/Fraud

  Attorney General, Chicago
  Bill Status Hot Line  800-252-6300
  Blue Cross Service State Area
   (7am to 7pm Monday-Friday

  Business - Small Business Information Center 800-252-2923
  Child Abuse Hotline - Children & Family Services 800-252-2873
  For callers out of Illinois 217-524-2606
  Child Support / Public Aide Help Line 800-447-4278
  Circuit Breaker Property Tax Grant

Program & Pharmaceutical Assistance

Forms Order Line


  Citizens Utility Board (CUB) 800-669-5556
  Crime, WE TIP (For Reporting Crime) 800-782-7463
  Crime Victim Assistance 800-228-3368
  Dept. of Human Services
             To Report Public Aid Fraud/Abuse
  Education (IL Adult Learning Hotline) 800-321-9511
  Elder Abuse (Report to State- 800-252-8966
  Employment Security / Employer Tax Problems 800-247-4987
  Energy Hotline 800-252-8643
  Environmental Assistance Help Line 800-252-3998
  Foster Care Hotline  800-624-5437
  Governor’s Citizens Assistance 800-642-3112
  Health and Human Services 800-545-2200
  Illinois State Police Clearing House for Missing
& Exploited Children

  Internal Revenue Service Taxpayer Service 800- 829-1040
  Lottery Information 800-252-1775
  Medicare (information & assistance) 800-633-4227
  Mental Health, Nursing Homes, Home Health Care, Hospital,
Dialysis Treatment Center, Hospice abuse)
(information and /or to report

  Military Retiree Support Office 847-266-2475
  National Institute on Aging 800-222-2225
  Organ Donor Hotline 800-545-4438
  Poison Center 800-222-1222
  Road Conditions 800-452-4368
  Secretary of State (general information) 800-252-8980
  Social Security 800-772-1213
  State Library 800-665-5576
  Tax Fraud (Illinois Department of Revenue) 800-243-2811
  Taxpayer Assistance Lines (Illinois Dept of Revenue) 800-732-8866
  Tourism Hotline (in state) 800-226-6632
  Veteran’s Benefit Affairs 800-827-1000
State of Illinois University Admissions Information
  Eastern Illinois University 800-252-5711
  Illinois State University
309-438-2181 or
800- 866-2478
  Northern Illinois University 800-892-3050
  Southern Illinois University 618-453-2121
  University of Illinois (general information) 217-333-1000
  Western Illinois University 309-298-3157