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  • Carbon offsetting — Humans leave behind a “carbon footprint” no matter what the activity.  In addition to reducing our footprint through energy conservation, we can support organizations that work to promote alternative energy sources, plant trees, and do other earth friendly activities.  One such organization is whose slogan is:  Reduce what you can, Offset what you can’t.  If we pool our resources we can make a difference.



County Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy:


Home Building


Lawn and Garden

Rain Gardens: Capture water that runs off hard surfaces such as roofs, garden sheds, garages and driveways but installing rain gardens. These can be simple depressions at the base of downspouts or alongside driveways and sidewalks. If they are planted with native plants with deep root systems, water will stay out of our storm sewers and rivers and filter down to our DeKalb County aquifer, replenishing our drinking water. Here are some of many websites with “How To” and “Why to” Install information for homeowners.


Water Conservation


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