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This page is a listing of news released to the public and media.

3/20/2023 – Press Release

Attention persons 65 years of age, it is time to file for your Senior Homestead Exemption!

If you are 65 years of age or will be turning 65 this year, you may be eligible for a Senior Homestead Exemption. To qualify, you must own and live in your home as your primary residence. Applications can be filed anytime during the year that you turn 65.

Forms are available at

To learn more, please contact the Chief County Assessment Office by phone at 815-895-7120 or by emailing

3/13/2023 – Press Release 

Is your address correct for your tax bill? Have you moved in the last year? An incorrect mailing address could prevent you from receiving your tax bill and other important notices in a timely fashion. The Chief County Assessment Office requests that anyone who has moved and/or has a different mailing address than previously listed to contact us.



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