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This page is a listing of news released to the public and media.

05/06/2024 -Becky Springer, DeKalb County Treasurer, mailed 39,839 DeKalb County real estate tax bills on Wednesday, May 1, 2024. Read More About the Property Tax Mailing>>>

03/11/2024 – Press Release

Is your address correct for your tax bill?  Have you moved in the last year?  An incorrect mailing address could prevent you from receiving your tax bill and other important notices in a timely fashion. The Chief County Assessment Office requests that anyone who has moved or has a different mailing address than previously listed to contact them right away.

10/5/2023 – Assessment Appeal

The 2023 Board of Review Appeal Session began October 5, 2023.

Deadline to appeal: November 6, 2023

 The 2023 Notices of Property Assessment, have been published and released to the public. Tax payers will have until November 6, 2023, in which, to appeal their 2023 assessed value.

Appeal applications may be obtained electronically from the links provided or in-person from the DeKalb County Assessment Office, located at 110 E Sycamore St., Sycamore IL 60178.  The appeal and all evidence must be received or postmarked on or before the set deadline. For those requesting a 10-day extension, the deadline is November 21, 2023.

To view electronic publication by township, please go to the Publications and Deadlines Page.

7/25/2023Immediate Release – The 23rd Judicial Circuit, consisting of DeKalb and Kendall Counties, announces that a new Associate Judge has been selected to fill the vacancy due to the retirement of Judge Joseph R. Voiland.

5/1/2023 – Legal Notice

Notice is hereby given that the County Farmland Assessment Review Committee of DeKalb County, Illinois, pursuant to the provisions of Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 35, 200/10-120 of the Property Tax Code, will hold a public hearing, the subject of which shall be the proposed equalized assessed value of farmland for 2024.

Notice is further given that the owners of property affected or anyone representing them or other citizens of DeKalb County may appear before the County Farmland Assessment Review Committee of DeKalb, Illinois, at a hearing to be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, the 22nd day of May, 2023 in the Conference Room East of the DeKalb County Administration Building, 110 East Sycamore Street, Sycamore, Illinois.

The Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 35, 200/10-120, provide that the assessment of farmland be based upon the agricultural economic value per acre by soil productivity index.  The equalized assessed value shall represent 33 1/3 of the agricultural economic value.

4/24/2023 – Press Release

Applications for the 2023 Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Exemption are available to qualified DeKalb County seniors 65 years of age and older, who have owned and lived in the property as their primary residence for the last two January firsts, and have a total household income of $65,000 or less for 2022.

The senior assessment freeze is an exemption that allows qualified senior citizens to freeze their assessment, at a base year value. The exemption is equal to the difference between the current assessed value and the frozen base year value. This exemption freezes the assessed value only, and does not freeze property taxes.

Qualifying seniors, filing for the senior freeze exemption are asked to bring the front page of their 2022 (1040) Federal Income Tax form and Schedule 1, if applicable for all household members. If Federal Income Taxes are not filed, the Social Security 1099 statement is required, along with any additional 1099 income statements received for 2022, for all household members.

This exemption is not a “pay-back” program, and should not be confused with the Real Estate Tax Deferral Program thru the Treasurer’s office.

Deadline to apply for the 2023 senior freeze exemption is July 1, 2023.

Please call the Chief County Assessment Office at 815-895-7120 for further information.  Office staff is available to help applicants complete the exemption form when filing in person. This form no longer requires a notary.

3/20/2023 – Press Release

Attention persons 65 years of age, it is time to file for your Senior Homestead Exemption!

If you are 65 years of age or will be turning 65 this year, you may be eligible for a Senior Homestead Exemption. To qualify, you must own and live in your home as your primary residence. Applications can be filed anytime during the year that you turn 65.

Forms are available at

To learn more, please contact the Chief County Assessment Office by phone at 815-895-7120 or by emailing



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