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Website Photo Credits

DeKalb County is proud to recognize the photos and photographers who gave us permission to use the images published on our website. -Thank you!

-All other photos were taken by County Staff.

Photo Information

-Photo by Janne Simoes, Unsplash

-Photo by
Brandon Mowinkel, Unsplash

-Photo Credit - News card photos courtesy of Unsplash

-Photo Credit - News card photos courtesy of Unsplash
Logo Photo by Charles Deluvio

-Photo Credit - News card photos courtesy of Pexels

-Photo Credit - News card photos courtesy of Pixabay
Logo Photo by Peter-Lomas
-Photo by Dillon Kydd, Unsplash

-Photo by Tim Mossholder, Unsplash

-Photo by Campaign Creators, Unsplash

-Photo by erica steeves from Pexels
Huskie MascotGO HUSKIES!
-Photo Credit - courtesy of NIU Institutional Communications-cvb
Mr. PumpkinWally Thurow, aka "Mr. Pumpkin"
Round Hay Bales in a Field"Round Hay Bales in a Field"
Photo: Courtesy of Chris Halstead
Icons utilized throughout the website
Icons utilized throughout the website:

-Photo Credit - Vacancy Image courtesy of Pexels
Photo by Anna Tarazevich

-Photo by Hannah Busing, Unsplash

-Photo by Heidi Fin, Unsplash

-Photo by Markus Winkler, Unsplash

-Photo by Tim Gouw, Unsplash

-Photo by Siva Seshappan, Pexels

-Photo by Tim Mossholder, Unsplash
Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash
MLK Speech Text Portrait" by FotoGrazio
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