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Assessment Appeal

The time to file a 2023 Assessment Appeal has now passed.

To view electronic publication by township, please go to the Publications and Deadlines Page.

Prior to filing an appeal with the Board, it is strongly recommended that a taxpayer first discuss the assessment with their Township Assessor before contacting the Chief County Assessment Office. Many times, the reason for the assessment can be made clear and the need for filing an appeal eliminated. For a brief overview of the appeal process, please visit the Illinois Department of Revenue website. Please know that the forms referenced within this site are not those used by DeKalb County. If the taxpayer still wishes to pursue an appeal, they should familiarize themselves with the current DeKalb County Board of Review Rules. To search for property information, please use the wEdge Property Tax Inquiry. Be sure to CHANGE THE TAX YEAR to the current tax year, as site may not yet be updated to current year.

Persons may appeal their assessed value to the Board of Review per the following:

a) Inaccurate Fair Cash (Market) Value. (See Section 5 for details)
b) Inequitable assessment compared to other similar properties. (Section 6 for details)
c) Incorrect physical description of the property. (See Section 7 for details)
d) Matters of Law. (See Section 8 for details)

For further questions, please contact the Chief County Assessment Office at 815-895-7120.


BOARD OF REVIEW RULES –Complete version



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